How to Optimize Your Ecommerce Site Search

Ecommerce websites with intuitive search are yielding better results. Learn how to boost the impact of your website by understanding the 17 ecommerce search must-haves that can increase your average order value.
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Intelligent search for ecommerce and the bottom line

  • 51% Increase in conversions
  • 36% Increase in average order value

Search reveals your shoppers’ intent

Over 80% of site visitors know what they’re looking for when they come to your site. Because of this, they’re going to your search box first, making it no surprise that sites delivering intelligent search experiences perform better across the board. They’re getting more conversions, more repeat customers, higher average order value, and higher customer satisfaction.

Great ecommerce website search can do more than provide relevant results on your website’s core pages. It can enable you to showcase ultra-personalized product recommendations, and give you the tools to measure and refine site search performance. Learn what to look for when choosing the best search engine for your ecommerce business.

Capitalize on search’s opportunity

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