A Million People. A Million Experiences.

People interact with your business digitally, because they want to learn, buy, watch, fix or connect.

They expect relevant digital experiences because that is the new normal.

Coveo uses AI to personalize millions of digital experiences for every single one of your customers, dealers, partners and employees.

Coveo Commerce Solutions

Coveo helps leading retailers and global brands to drive growth, through more relevant, personalized merchandising and promotions, raising revenue per visitor and increasing customer lifetime value.

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Coveo Service Solutions

Coveo helps enterprises transform their service delivery through personalized recommendations that enable customers to service themselves, driving up customer satisfaction and extending customer lifetime value.

Customer Communities Customer Self-Service Contact Centers Dealer Portals Partner Portals

Coveo Workplace Solutions

Coveo helps enterprises empower their employees to become proficient faster, by recommending the most relevant information to each employee within the systems and applications they use in their usual flow of work.

Intranets & Knowledge Management Employee Portals Enterprise Search

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