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360° relevance across Websites, Ecommerce, Service, and the Workplace. Every search, recommendation, and interaction made better.

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Create intuitive AI-powered experiences without changing your tech stack. Only with the Coveo Relevance Cloud™.

Intelligent Search

Find it with AI-powered search

Relevant search doesn’t just retrieve content. It prioritizes the results that deliver the best outcomes.

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Service & Support

Provide better help, faster

Connect customers to the most relevant answers faster, with AI that powers customer self-service and assists agent responses.

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Turn shoppers into buyers

Every click and query tells you what a customer wants. Serve up relevant product results and tailored recommendations that they’ll want to ‘add to cart’.

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Turn visitors into customers

Help website visitors find what they need effortlessly, so that they engage, learn, and convert.

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Empower employees with proactive knowledge

Make general and role-relevant information easily accessible and specifically tailored to each employee, wherever they work.

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Built for developer success

From plugging in an AI-powered search box with a couple of lines of code, to cross-enterprise integrations, Coveo makes it easy to apply AI and win with relevance.
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Out-of-the-box AI

Our machine learning models are ready to use, and tuned for your most important use cases. Connect, set, and put them to work.

Cloud agility, global scale

Loads of queries? Data residency needs? No problem. Coveo's cloud platform eliminates performance and management challenges.

Dev-friendly connectors and APIs

Coveo scores top analyst marks for how we make things work, from drag-and-drop UI customizations to headless APIs and more.

Make every experience more relevant with Coveo

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Coveo is an industry leader
– here's the proof

  • Leader in Cognitive Search "Strengths in data connectors, data ingestion intelligence, and tuning" Read the report
  • Leader in Insight Engines ”The product provides simple-to-use indexing and enrichment tools, alongside clear relevance tuning and workflow.” Read the report
  • Strong performer in Journey Orchestration Top marks for partner ecosystem, performance, and number of customers. Read the report