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Bozoma Saint John

Saint John
CMO, Netflix

Seth Godin

Entrepreneur, Best-selling Author, and Speaker

Deliver relevant experiences. Here's how.

Scale your service without adding agents

Help your customers help themselves and your agents resolve cases faster by leading them to the best answer sooner.

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Turn shoppers into buyers

Every click and query tells you what a customer wants. Serve up uniquely compelling recommendations that they’ll want to ‘add to cart’.

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Deliver a unique journey for every visitor

Build an engaging brand experience by letting AI tailor content at every website interaction.

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Empower employees to achieve more on their own

Make role-relevant information easily accessible and specifically tailored to every person, no matter where they are.

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Personalize search results, at scale

Intelligent search doesn’t just scan your content. It prioritizes results based on interactions, automatically detecting user intent.

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A flexible platform for the modern business

Inject relevance into every experience with the all-in-one platform for intelligent search, dynamic recommendations, and content personalization.

  • Machine learning Out-of-the-box AI Our machine learning models are ready to use, so you can start training your data sooner. Connect, set, and put them to work.
  • Unified Cloud agility Only the cloud makes truly performant and responsive AI experiences possible. Easily scale with our multi-tenant architecture.
  • Usage Analytics API-led connectivity With our API-led architecture, flexibly integrate to and extend our platform capabilities based on the complexity of your needs.

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    Digital Leadership Through Crisis

    Join Jim Roth, EVP Salesforce, and Louis Têtu, CEO Coveo, on how digital leaders are responding and planning for tomorrow in our new reality, and how Coveo is here to help you.

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    Meeting the Digital Demand with Data and AI

    Join Coveo President, CTO and Co-founder, Laurent Simoneau as he explains how data and AI can help you scale up digital experiences across your enterprise to cope with this demand.

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    The eCommerce Imperative: An Action Plan

    Join B2C and B2B commerce industry insiders for an outside-in perspective on how digital leaders across industries are adapting their commerce strategies to win.

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