The only AI platform specifically built to make every digital experience delightful, relevant, and profitable*

Advanced search. Relevant recommendations. Unrivaled personalization.

For 17+ years, our customers have trusted us with their growth

How to “profitize” every digital interaction:
Personalize everything.

Today, your users expect you to completely understand them. If they feel like you don’t… they’ll go to your competitors.
The good news: You already have everything you need to completely tailor millions of experiences for millions of people.

All you’re missing is Coveo AI to personalize – and profitize – every interaction.

3 reasons why personalized digital experiences drive profitable growth

Unlike other AI platforms, Coveo can understand, optimize, and personalize across the entire customer journey – from your website, to ecommerce, to customer service.

  • Super short time-to-value
    That means from Day 1. Our ML models start working fast. And, they’re 100% focused on the KPIs that keep you up at night. From conversion to NPS to LTCV, your business outcomes improve rapidly – and reliably.
  • Low implementation costs
    Expert-guided, low-code deployments. On-time, with rigorous QA. Get a perfectly tuned system and an empowered team who knows how to maintain it. It's your low cost, high reward digital transformation.
  • Long-term partnership
    We’re more than a software provider. We’re your partner in results. From helping you continuously optimize your business results to adopting the newest features… there’s a reason why big tech leaders keep partnering with Coveo.
Your current tech stack, supercharged
…Without needing to overhaul it. Or, training your team on yet another entirely new platform. Coveo layers onto your existing software seamlessly. This means all your data is finally communicating so you can start growing profitably.

Salesforce, SAP, Adobe, Zendesk, you name it. Coveo fits right in!

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LEADER G2, Summer 2023

LEADER Forrester Wave™ for Cognitive Search

Grow your enterprise profitably with AI-personalized digital experiences

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