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Experiences tailored to the one in a million

Orchestrate the journey for people, not just personas. With Coveo, automate the personalization of content and discovery by responding to each person’s unique context and intent.

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Content Personalization

Deepen content personalization across multiple touchpoints


Deepen content personalization across multiple touchpoints

Deepen content personalization across multiple touchpoints Personalize interactions to improve conversions, customer satisfaction, content discovery – or all of the above. With a content personalization engine as powerful as Coveo, you can start small and plan big.

Get the person behind the click

Personalize interactions with Coveo's powerful content personalization engine.

People not personas

Focus on understanding the person behind the purchase, the individual behind the issue, the employee behind the number. Coveo relevance goes beyond segments.

Intent-driven personalization

The path to conversion isn’t always linear or predefined. As users make choices, use their clicks and queries to shape the experience, and bring them to the right outcome faster.

User clustering

Using refined similarity models, predict user affinities based on past interactions, topics of interest, and affiliations.

Automatic visitor data stitching

Tie loose ends with user visit stitching. Automatically assign anonymous actions to the proper user ID once a person logs in or creates an account.

Optimize and improve

Deeper insights with content personalization tools with Coveo.

Personalization experiments

Create, measure, and manage A/B tests to see which configuration delivers the best results. Hone your rules or let the data tell you when to replace a rules-based approach with machine learning. 

Continuous self-optimization

Let Coveo connect all the dots in the customer journey. With every new user behavior and signal, you’ll get progressively richer and more relevant search and content personalization automatically. 

Relevance at scale

The more data and platforms you connect, the more effective your AI personalization gets. Use signals captured on one digital property to inform your personalization strategy elsewhere.

Turn data into knowledge

Create a great customer experience with content personalization.

Real-time profile enrichment

Every interaction tells you more about a user. Enrich your understanding of every person with behavioral data, query terms, clicks, and more.

Cross-platform integration

Combine your Coveo personalization data with your existing data, from your customer data platforms (CDP) to your systems of engagement and beyond.

Augmented analytics

Feed data to your Coveo Usage Analytics with the Google Analytics protocol, or log Coveo events with Google Tag Manager. Get a fuller picture and offer radically personalized experiences.


Grow your content personalization efforts along with your business

Add Coveo’s personalization technology to the software you already use. Cloud-based and multi-tenant, Coveo is flexibly designed to connect with all kinds of platforms, including the tech of tomorrow.

Frequently asked questions

You can use AI to tailor content, search results, and interactions to the individual needs of every person. When coupled with using machine learning, AI can deliver a true 1:1 experience at scale. Learn more about AI personalization here.

Content personalization is important because it’s now the gold standard that most people have come to expect. When every brand is a publisher, it makes it difficult to wade through a sea of information. Content personalization tailors a digital experience to each person's unique context and intent. It’s a far superior experience, which is why 48% of millennials alone would pay more if they could find what they’re looking for in just a few clicks. Learn more about the importance of content personalization.

Broadly speaking, your customer experience likely encompasses all kinds of different people, journeys, and outcomes. Across all of those experiences are touchpoints, where people search, click, and otherwise interact with your digital presence. Those interactions create useful visitor intent data (both history-based and in-session), which can be used by AI to automatically personalize each experience. This kind of personalization can improve conversion rates and customer satisfaction, for example, and ease the pressure on service and support teams. Learn more about how to personalize your customer experience.

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