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The Future is Business-to-Person, powered by AI Search & Generative Experiences.

18 years of innovation. A decade in AI. +700 leading brands.
Coveo AI powers the digital experiences of the world’s most innovative enterprises:

Frequently asked questions

Coveo is a composable AI search & generative experience platform. It’s the intelligence layer that powers individualized, trusted, and connected experiences. You can delight customers, augment employee capabilities, and drive superior business outcomes with semantic search, AI recommendations, unified personalization and GenAI answering.

Our platform is certified ISO 27001, HIPAA compliant, SOC2 compliant, and 99.999% SLA resilient. We are a Salesforce Summit ISV Partner, an SAP Endorsed App, and an Adobe Gold Partner.

Our single SaaS platform and robust suite of AI & GenAI models are specifically built to transform the total experience: from CX to EX across websites, commerce, service, and workplace.

Yes, you can use the Coveo Headless toolkit to develop the design of all the UI components of your intelligent search experience. It works with any web development framework, serving as a middle-layer for applications to open a line of communication between the UI and the Coveo Platform™. Learn more about how Coveo Headless works.

In a nutshell – it means you can provide superior customer & employee experiences at scale without breaking the bank.

After a decade enriching our market-leading platform with forward-thinking global enterprises, we know what it takes to gain a trusted AI-experience advantage: the enterprise spinal and composable ability to deliver AI semantic search and generative experiences at scale.

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