The Forrester Wave™:
Cognitive Search

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    Gain a better understanding of the cognitive search market (and find out where Coveo fits in as a provider)
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    Use key findings to inform how you employ search strategically across your tech stack
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    Compare the strengths and cautions for the top 13 vendors in this space

What is the Forrester Wave?

What is the Forrester Wave?

According to Forrester, cognitive search is “next-generation search engine software that employs AI technologies such as machine learning (ML) to ingest, understand, and organize information from multiple disparate data sources to enable humans to find content, answers, insights and/or explore a large corpus of information.”1

At Coveo, we believe that cognitive search solutions are key in delivering the most valuable experiences to customers and employees alike.

1 Forrester Now Tech: Cognitive Search, Q2 2021
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