Coveo Labs Episode 1
Chat Bots

Check out our first Coveo Labs video and pick up some tips on making the most of chatbots

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Coveo Labs is where innovation lives, where we share our creative ideas on new ways to use Coveo. Visit our GitHub page to see some of the new ideas we’re working on and give them a try yourselves. And why not share your suggestions of where to go next with our team?

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    Coveo Machine Learning Explained

    Coveo machine-learning is the self-learning technology in the Coveo platform that makes Intelligent Search even smarter. It continuously analyzes your visitors’ click stream data and behaviour patterns captured by search usage analytics, then accurately delivers relevant content that is most likely to drive conversions and ensure self-service success. Watch our video to learn more.

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    Introducing Coveo on Elasticsearch

    Coveo announced the GA (General Availability) of Coveo on Elasticsearch. This announcement exemplifies Coveo’s strategy towards long term investments.

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    Coveo on Elasticsearch

    Are you ready for Enterprise search, reimagined? Coveo on Elasticsearch combines the leading cognitive search platform with the most popular open source index for maximum scalability, flexibility and relevance.

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