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AI-powered search for business services

Access knowledge, research, and expertise from across your firm instantly. Serve clients faster and win more business, without changing the way you work.

Business Services

Simplified knowledge management


Simplified knowledge management

Coveo indexes knowledge, files and documents from across your firm, wherever they’re stored. Then it applies machine learning to deliver the most relevant knowledge to your specialists, wherever they’re working.
  • Become more agile and efficient
    Coveo’s AI-driven search and recommendations make knowledge easier to find, so your employees and consultants spend less time searching.
  • Transfer skills and expertise faster
    Coveo uses AI technology to understand what each individual needs now, and next, helping them to accomplish more and reach proficiency faster.
  • Keep your existing systems
    Coveo plugs into your existing applications, transforming knowledge discovery in the cloud without introducing new tools or processes.

AI-Powered Workplace

Create a modern, agile digital workplace

Digital Workplace

Modernize your intranet

Deploy Coveo’s AI-powered search and recommendations within your existing intranet sotware, making it a more useful and trustworthy source of knowledge for your team.

Deliver knowledge in the flow of work

Coveo plugs into web-based applications and the Chrome web browser, allowing your experts to access knowledge, research and case history within the systems they’re already using.

Personalize the employee experience

Coveo’s machine learning understands each individual’s role and area of expertise, in order to serve the most relevant information at their time of need.

AI-Powered Websites

Win more clients with smarter site search

Smarter Website Search

Market your services more effectively

Generate leads and win more business by making relevant experts and expertise easier to find on your website.

Personalize to gain a competitive edge

Coveo understands your site visitors, providing a personalized search experience that inspires them to act.

Learn more about your clients’ journey

Coveo also provides powerful analytics that helps you to understand what your prospects are looking for, and what content resonates with them.

AI-Powered Service

Provide better service with every interaction

Better service

Intelligent self-service portals

Keep common questions from turning into cases by delivering the answers your clients need. Automatically personalize content to each individual, giving them the most relevant information.

Connected, omni-channel service

Connect your self-service portals, websites, communities and chatbots for seamless and relevant experiences at every touchpoint.

Faster agent assistance

Help specialists connect their clients to a resolution faster by enabling unified access to knowledge and AI-powered insights from across your firm.

Personalize experiences at scale with AI-powered relevance
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