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Use Cases Power more purchases with ecommerce search and recommendations that convert

  • Delight shoppers with the intuitive search experiences they expect. Help them find the best products faster, even when they’re not sure what something is called or how to spell it. Plus, guide them with personalized badging, content or 1:1 recommendations tailored just for them.

  • Remove friction from your buyer’s search experience whether they’re looking to browse your catalog, quickly find a replacement part, or learn more about your products through rich content and videos. Automatically recommend products based on past purchases and propensity to buy again. Plus, let your ecommerce search solution seamlessly manage entitlement pricing for each buying group at query time based on your ERP or CRM data.

  • Ecommerce site search for your marketplace

    Boost your marketplace performance with relevant search and personalized buying experiences. Use data from every interaction to fuel machine learning and display products they’re most likely to buy based on site behavior, their profile, similar users, and frequently added to cart.

Ecommerce site search for your marketplace

Top B2C Features

Search & merchandising for upleveling ecommerce experiences

  • Search

    Predictive search

    Make products easier to discover with predictive, typo-tolerant search suggestions and AI-powered relevance ranking. Let shoppers easily discover your catalog with dynamic faceting that optimizes filters and values - from brand to size to price.

  • Content Personalization

    Shopper journey personalization

    Present unique content or badging to each audience segment that shows you know them. Merchandise easily with web placements that are IT friendly, not IT reliant.

  • Recommender

    1:1 product recommendations

    Tailor the experience and maximize cart value, even for first-time shoppers, with machine learning that reacts in real time and recommends products based on in-session behavior and product affinities.

Top B2B Features

Search and merchandising for the complexity of B2B requirements

  • Faceted Search

    Product discovery

    Remove friction from your B2B channel with AI-powered search and dynamic faceting that can scale to millions of SKUs and thousands of attributes.

  • Pricing, entitlement & availability management

    Ensure each buyer connects with the right product, at the right price, according to localized inventory or allotments.

  • Unified product & content search

    Connect buyers seamlessly to the products they need and the rich content to support decision-making, from product guides to how-to videos.


Ready for the flexibility of headless commerce? So is Coveo.


Ready for the flexibility of headless commerce? So is Coveo.

Quickly build a high-performing search UI, product recommendation carousel, or relevance powered listing pages with Coveo’s headless framework, Atomic component library, and dedicated APIs.

Create rich front-end experiences across any site, app, in-store kiosk, or mobile experience while our machine learning models serve up the relevance from the back-end.


Coveo integrates with the leading ecommerce platforms

You don’t need to overhaul your tech stack to connect customer data and benefit from AI. Our ecommerce search and discovery platform works with the tools you already use. Plus, we partner with the best.

Frequently asked questions

In B2C and B2B ecommerce, product recommendation engines connect consumers with more stuff that they might be interested in purchasing. Common examples include “Customers who bought this item also bought” functionality, or “Complete the collection” recommendations. Because they provide a necessary part of a personalized shopper experience that consumers crave, product recommendation engines can improve conversions, drive revenue, and increase customer loyalty. Learn more about product recommendation engines.

One purchase is great. Repeat purchases are where customer loyalty is cultivated—where the real revenue is generated. And guess what? Ninety percent of shoppers would return to a site with personalized recommendations. The darlings that come to mind when you think about ecommerce powerhouses all use AI-powered personalization to deliver this level of customer experience. Keeping people engaged, interested, and ready to come back is baked into their very platform. For more, read our guide to delivering intelligent shopping experiences.

As far as ecommerce experiences go, a solid catalog of products isn’t enough anymore. Today, 47% of shoppers struggle with search. Forty-three percent find website navigation unhelpful. And 42% of shoppers have difficulty finding information, period. The fact is, consumers now expect Google-like ecommerce site search experiences when shopping, namely finding a relevant result with queries that match their natural language. See how faceted search can improve ecommerce experiences.

To answer this question, one only needs to survey their own personal experiences. Few people prefer to spend time digging for what they need online—be it a product, an answer, or otherwise. In fact, 35% of what consumers purchase on Amazon and 75% of what they watch on Netflix come from product recommendations. There’s a reason that “Continue watching,” “Just for you,” and “Pick up where you left off” experiences tend to appear above the fold. And there’s a reason that 90% of shoppers would return to a site with personalized recommendations. See all the ways that product recommendations can work for you.

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