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AI product discovery: More relevance for more revenue

Provide conversational, relevant and personalized shopper experiences at scale. Maximize business outcomes at every touchpoint.

Industry leaders transforming their commerce with AI

Native Platform and Headless Integrations

Coveo integrates with the leading ecommerce platforms

Our composable platform allows you to quickly build a high-performing search UI, recommendation carousel or listing page using an Atomic component library and dedicated APIs.

Discover the impact of AI-powered experiences

Discover the impact of AI-powered experiences

"We see the success in customer surveys where they rate the shopping experience as ‘Great’. And our customers tell us with their buying behavior. This past year, sales grew more than 400%."
Darren Taylor
SVP Marketing & Digital, FleetPride
“Visitors using ML-powered site search are converting at a rate 20 to 25% higher than the average rate on the legacy platform.”
Jessica Frame
Ecommerce Manager, Caleres
“My team loves using Coveo’s Merchandising Hub, it’s powerful yet refreshingly simple to use.
Matthew Cowey
CRO Manager, THG
Matthew Cowey

Frequently asked questions

Coveo prioritizes security with ISO 27001-inspired governance, CoBIT-informed maturity models, ISM3-defined security processes, and NIST-based measures. You have complete control over your data and what you share with Coveo, including managing indexed content and tracked interactions. Learn more.

Built for the enterprise, Coveo thrives on complexity, allowing seamless management of multiple brands, currencies, regions, 50+ languages, and 50+ markets within a single environment (with both local and global rules).

Coveo seamlessly integrates with leading commerce platforms such as SAP, Salesforce, and AppDirect. Our composable platform enables rapid development of high-performing search UIs, recommendation carousels, or listing pages using an Atomic component library and dedicated APIs. See all integrations

Coveo stands out as the only platform that can deliver individualized and connected experiences throughout your shoppers' journeys, online and offline, pre and post-purchase. This is achieved through a unified index that standardizes and centralizes data across four key lines of business: website, commerce, service, and workplace.

We provide comprehensive support for our enterprise customers, guiding them from research to implementation and ongoing optimization. Expect a dedicated account team for BVAs, legal reviews, enablement workshops, health checks, roadmap alignment, and any other necessities for your growth and success.

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