New in Coveo

New in Coveo: Fall 2023 Product Release

Discover our latest product updates including new features and capabilities across AI, Connectivity & Integrations, Search & UI and more aimed at empowering business users, helping developers work faster, and future-proofing enterprises.

New in Coveo

AI Models

Coveo Relevance Generative Answering

Generates answers to complex natural language user queries, across a variety of enterprise content sources, while respecting permissions, maintaining content freshness, and limiting hallucinations.

Cold-start Product Vector

Improves our overall personalization capabilities and solves for the cold-start problem in ecommerce by generating product vectors for new and longtail products based on product similarities.

Query Suggestions Automatic Fallback

Automatically displays the last successful set of suggestions generated versus showing no results which improves the chances of a purchase.

Merchandising Hub

Multi-Product Badging

For Commerce implementations, easily deploy badging strategies across your site - from product listings and search results to your basket pages - to increase conversions and revenue per visitor.

Self-Service Insight Dashboards

Provides Commerce customers a new normalized data model from which they can report on and showcase the value of their product, with attribution already computed.


GraphQL Connector

An easier, flexible and more precise way to request and index information. This connector supports headlines CMS frameworks such as Sitecore XM Cloud, Adobe and more.

Website Connector

Simplify site connectivity with this enhanced website source with added features including crawling rules, web scraping and support for authentication all with no code / low code required.

Coveo Cartridge for Salesforce B2C Commerce

Improve search and recommendations for Salesforce B2C Commerce storefronts. Bring intelligent search, dynamic faceting, optimized listing pages, and relevant recommendations to Salesforce.

Coveo for Salesforce

The latest release package includes a slew of new features built on top of a more modern UI framework, Coveo Quantic, and includes support for: Smart Snippets AI model, Feature Result tag, Configuration picklist and more.

Search & UI

Next-Gen Search Page Builder

A no code builder interface that allows for the quick and easy design, configuration, and deployment of a new search page from the Coveo platform with a few points and clicks.

Next-Gen In-Product Experience (IPX) Updates

Bring Coveo’s capabilities to any website or SaaS-based application. Built on Coveo’s Atomic UI builder framework, support available for: Secured Search, User Context, Quickview, and the ability to use Coveo’s Relevance Generative Answering model.

Hosted Insight Panel (HIP) Enhancements

HIP provides a more modern and easy-to-use UI framework for setting up rich agent experiences. Enhancements include: support for Featured Tag, Smart Snippets, Viewed by Customer Tag, Version History, and more.

Facet Generator

Dynamically generates the most relevant facets for a query, based on your indexed content. These facets appear next to the ones you manually added to your search interface. Support for APIs and now Headless.

Atomic UI Release

Developers can browse, create, share install, and reuse custom Coveo Atomic UI components in our new repository; and can now also upload customized Atomic Hosted Search Pages for quick publishing.

Data & Reporting

Relevance Inspector

Easily troubleshoot search queries and improve the overall relevance of search results. Users can inspect query pipelines, rules, ranking score and more. Available for all search interfaces and implementations (ie. Atomic, Headless and JSUI).

Data Health Overview Dashboard

Provides a summary of the health of event analytics data. Features include providing detailed views of events that have failed validation allowing customers to self-identify, prioritize, and correct event analytics integration problems.

Self-Service Insight Dashboards

Provides Commerce customers a new normalized data model from which they can report on and showcase the value of their product, with attribution already computed.


ISO 27001

Coveo is ISO 27001 certified, reaffirming Coveo’s commitment to data security and privacy. Protect and manage sensitive information, including employee and customer data, financial information, and information entrusted by third parties.

Active-Active and Five Nines Premium

Active-Active provides a redundancy query path resulting in improved traffic performance and guaranteed uptime for US-based customers. And now, customers desiring 99.999% uptime or five nines can purchase additional resiliency.

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