New in Coveo

Product Updates Q1-Q2 2023

Discover our latest features, including enhancements to our ML models, easier ways to monitor data health, dynamic functionalities to the merchandising hub and upgrades to our already robust platform infrastructure.

New in Coveo

Explore the latest innovations on our platform

Explore the latest innovations on our platform

Dive deeper into what Coveo can do. See how our latest features and enhancements can connect your customers and employees with great, relevant content at every stage of their journey.

Improved Web Connector

Our enhanced Web Connector simplifies site indexing, making it easier to add AI-powered search to your internal or external sites. This connector is valuable for enterprises moving to headless and composable architectures. GA late April.

Enhanced Metadata Insights

The new and improved Metadata Insights capability gives users insights into the reliability of metadata based on the relevancy and values present. It also allows metadata to be added to the index and fields to be mapped directly within the admin interface. Push API is supported now.

Data Health Panel - Event Browser

Our event browser in the data health dashboard acts as a trouble-shooting mechanism, enabling builders to easily view, understand, and fix any validation errors on data events sent to Coveo. This is essential for the effectiveness of Coveo’s machine learning models and reporting.

Expanded Recommendations Strategy

Business users can alter the selection criteria for popularity and recently added products to align with brand needs. Popularity can now be assessed based on views, revenue, conversions, or a blend to represent the most important user trends.

Recommendations and Badging – Custom Schemas

Extends the ways developers and merchandisers can interact. Business teams can now control the on-site design of recommendations and badges in detail, without developer reinvolvement.

Variant Enriched Product Recommendations

Improve product discoverability and conversions by displaying variant information directly in the recommendation carousel. From color swatches to size availability to add to basket CTAs - help shoppers find the right product quickly, improve the quality of click-throughs, and boost conversions.

Hosted Insight Panel

Teams can now easily build, edit, and deploy an AI-powered insight panel from Coveo’s Admin Console - which means less time waiting for IT teams to build and approve. The Hosted Insight Panel is a no code, out-of-the-box capability that uses the Coveo Builder to easily create AI-powered search experiences.

Next Gen In-Product Experience (IPX)

Coveo’s In-Product Experience allows companies to apply AI search to any of their SaaS or web-based applications to improve findability and discoverability without leaving the application. Our Next-Gen IPX enhances the business user experience with easy-to-integrate, editable, and customizable components that leverage the full power of IPX. Available to all customers late April 2023.

Enhanced Smart Snippets

Coveo’s Smart Snippets machine learning model (which leverages LLMs) provides fast, direct answers to users’ searching - often without requiring them to click further. Our newest enhanced model shows a +120% increase in highly relevant answers and results. Available April 2023.

Coveo Relevance Cloud™

Coveo Relevance Cloud™

AWS Canada Region
Our new region provides customers with even lower latency, greater fault tolerance, resiliency for critical cloud workloads and local data residency.

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