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Check out our latest enhancements, including new connectors for Slack and Adobe, a relevance manager for product groups, and a personalized full search experience for agents.

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New in Coveo

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Dive deeper into what Coveo can do. See how all the latest features and enhancements connect your customers and employees to great, relevant content at every stage of the journey.



See how ML is working
Get detailed statistics around Coveo’s deep learning models so you can better understand how it’s working with candidates, performances or data sets.



Enhanced User Actions

Go beyond simple usage analytics and bring true customer journey insights into the agent workflow. The revamped User Actions panel includes the channels where customers interacted and highlights what occurred prior to ticket creation.

Quantic Library with Headless and LWC

With a library of Lightning Web Components built with the Coveo Headless Framework, you can easily build more performant search pages in a Salesforce Lightning experience.

Case Assist Cookbook

A step-by-step guide to help you build a Case Assist experience in Salesforce using LWC and Coveo Headless.


Slack Application

Slack Search Application

Empower your employees to find everything they need without leaving Slack. Perform company-wide searches inside Slack with a single click or slash command. Minimize context switching for your employees by serving knowledge where they're already collaborating.

Bring Coveo search to

Provide the same great Coveo search experience right in This way, your employees can find what they need from all your content.

Learn about what’s new in Coveo for Service and Workplace in Spring ‘22

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