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In today's highly competitive omni-channel retail world, customers expect a superior and consistent experience every time they interact with your brand. But delivering on that expectation can be a challenge when dealing with different systems, high transaction volumes and the constant staff turnover that's typical in retail. Savvy retailers leverage the power of machine learning to deliver relevance at scale and empower front line employees.

problem - maze

Challenge"I shouldn't have to search for what I want"

Today's customers expect a tailored shopping experience, with recommendations that are aligned with their preferences and buying history. Not only do they want to be guided to the best choice based on what they're looking for, they want to be pleasantly surprised with what they didn't even know they needed.
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SolutionMake it easy for customers

Coveo's AI-powered search constantly evaluates and learns from every website visit and query in order to build insights and customer profiles, and then leverages this insight to predict relevant suggestions for each visitor, often before they've even really started searching. The results can increase online conversion rates, basket size and repeat traffic.
problem - maze

Challenge"I expect your staff to be experts"

If a customer is having trouble with your products or wants to learn more, they expect your staff to have the answers. But with high retail employee turnover, how do you put the right information at everyone's fingertips and get new staff upskilled quickly?
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SolutionEmpower employees with insight

Coveo makes it easy for your staff to not only search for what they need to help customers, but also makes intelligent and relevant recommendations to drive them to exactly what they need most and shortcut the process, based on machine learning and analysis of past successful outcomes. So they can appear as experts, even when they are new on the job.
problem - maze

ChallengeShopping with you shouldn't be frustrating

With so many ways to interact with your brand, customers can easily become frustrated when their experience is not seamless, which typically leads to abandonment, both in-store and online, and poor repeat business.
solution - maze

SolutionLet the insights follow the customer

Unifying the customer experience requires unified content and information across your business, ensuring that the same insight can be shared at any touchpoint. With Coveo, you can embed the same search and relevance tools in your website, your customer community portals, your employee knowledge base or even within your own digital products, and make the same unified results available to all.

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Staying ahead of the competition in an ever-changing industry requires more than a quality product.

From helping customers find the right data every time, to giving your team deep insight into customer behavior and usage patterns, Coveo is ready to help.

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