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AI-powered search delivers the most relevant search results to your website visitors, from multiple content sources across your organization - both within your web CMS and beyond.

If you think all site search is created equal, think again.

AI-powered search automatically learns from every query and uses that insight to deliver relevance instead of just results.


Search for information, everywhere

Automatically access all of your content and products, no matter where the information might reside, and deliver the most relevant results, regardless of source, to your users.


Every search tells you something

Everytime a visitor searches on your site, they're giving you incredibly valuable information about what they want. The right tools, such as Usage Analytics, enable you to turn that into actionable insight.

With Coveo, configuring really user-friendly search pages that are optimized for the specific content and visitor is just really easy.
Mark Bernstein, IFT


A large library of connectors securely indexes each and every content source and application across your enterprise – both on-premise and in the cloud.


Continuous learning and tuning deliver relevance and recommendations

Layering machine learning on top of the usage insight means that you can automatically predict which content will be most relevant for different visitors, and surface the right information, at the right time, to the right people


Coveo for Sitecore

Coveo has the ability to provide intelligent site search solutions for most globally used CMS platforms, and we offer an integrated search application for Sitecore.

Team members are proactively contributing to our store of company knowledge and filling content gaps on T-Net. We realize the value of having highly relevant search results returned, both to find references and to identify where there is a need.
Joan Stiller
Corporate Services Analyst
Think Mutual Bank

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