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    Connect over 100 content types with a rich library of source connectors at your finger-tips.
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    Design a search interface from scratch or with pre-built building blocks to tailor the experience.
  • Platform Mastery
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    Integrate virtually any source or system with our powerful APIs, guides, and code examples.

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Yes. You can build feature-rich search user interfaces with pre-built and configurable Coveo components. Our building blocks include the search box, facets, tabs, and result sort options. With our drag-and-drop interface editor, you can modify these elements and get AI-powered search up and running quickly.

 Coveo has partnered with leading platforms, including Salesforce and Sitecore, to offer native UI integrations. This gives non-technical users access to drag-and-drop UI elements right out of the box, so you can get started quickly. Plus, we take care of feature updates and compatibility as frameworks change and new product releases come out.

Yes. You can completely control the look and feel of your user interfaces. Extend Coveo’s JavaScript Search Framework, create your own headless search UI, or develop directly against the API. It’s up to you.

Yes. Coveo supports connectivity beyond the sources listed above through standards-based connectors. This includes support for Catalog, Database, Web, Sitemap, and REST API.

You can also build a custom connector to crawl and index content. The Coveo Push API and SDK provides packaged code and  documentation for your development teams, while partners can also provide integration services.

No. The beauty of Coveo is that content is unified through a single index rather than reformatted or migrated. Once your content and metadata have been indexed, Coveo’s AI-powered search and recommendations can surface content when relevant, no matter where it is or in which format.

Yes. Coveo normalizes and enriches your data through a feature we call indexing pipeline extensions. Coveo can automatically add metadata, extract text from images and PDF files, and identify the relationships between words and concepts to deliver the most relevant results possible

Yes. Coveo handles access permissions at the index level, not based on content type or source. This gives you the flexibility to provide access to content however you see fit.