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Partners: Your trusted Coveo accelerators

For powerful Coveo implementations that go above and beyond, our 150+ partners bring best practices, faster implementations, and broader solution strategies to your digital transformation.

Why work with a Coveo partner?

Coveo Partner Directory

Coveo builds the strongest insight engine on the market. When it comes to creating a full digital strategy to suit your specific business needs, we rely on our trusted partner ecosystem of the most innovative digital agencies, system integrators and global consultancy firms to bring your world-class strategy to life.

Benefits of working with a partner
  • Harness the specialized capabilities of experts who have solved your problem, hundreds of times.
  • Minimize your internal team’s workload: partners are an extension of our team, and are designed to extend yours.
  • Decrease your digital transformation’s time-to-value by having a trusted advisor for navigating complexities.
  • Leverage your partner’s training and connections to the Coveo team, long after your implementation is complete.
  • Ability to choose from a network of small, local partners to large, global agencies.

Why become a Coveo partner?

As a member of the Coveo Partner Network, you will be given dedicated support from the Coveo Alliances Team as well as marketing, sales, and technical support. Mastering the Coveo platform will differentiate your company from the crowd, better deliver to customers, and find new customer opportunities.

Benefits of becoming a partner
  • Enrich your solution portfolio by adding Coveo’s sought-after leading technology.
  • Get trained and certified on Coveo Academy — free of charge.
  • Access marketing and sales support with ready-to-go presentations and promotional material.
  • Work with our sales and technical teams to win opportunities as a referral partner.
  • Receive technical mentoring for your Coveo implementations to be best-in-class.

How Coveo leverages partners

Coveo is dedicated to building a strong Partner Network that enables us to broadly implement our powerful technology.

  • Innovation
    Powerful Technology A Coveo implementation promises access to our powerful tools and technologies that drive transformation
  • idea
    Integrated Platforms Coveo adds relevance to every touchpoint: natively integrated on our Alliances platforms and skillfully connected to other independent technologies
  • handshake
    Expert Implementations Partners bring distinguished expertise to any implementation, in any industry, anywhere

When we work with customers they typically want to create a cutting-edge consumer grade experience. Coveo adds that capability. Working with the Coveo team is easy. They are a very responsive group and they are more than willing to be in the trenches with you.

Harry West - Appirio
Appirio is one of Coveo's trusted System Integrators

Types of Partners

Strategic Alliance

Our strategic alliances have built world-class, robust platforms that Coveo is natively integrated into.

Browse Strategic Alliances and Coveo Native Integrations
  • Salesforce ServiceNow
  • Sitecore Appdirect

System Integrator

Our system integrators will help you fit and implement Coveo products to any existing software service or platform.

Find Your System Integrator
  • Perficient Appirio
  • Rightpoint TA digital

Technology Partner

Our technology partners have built their own unique and powerful offerings, leveraging Coveo to propel their tech’s search and relevance.

Browse Tech Companies Leveraging Coveo
  • Voicify Cognigy


Our agency partners will provide you with strategic direction and creative solutions to both the technical and strategic aspects of your digital transformation.

Find Your Agency Partner
  • Sidlee Deloitte
  • Pivotree

Coveo partners’ Cycle of Success

Our proven roadmap to success ensures that our partners are supported from the first point of contact to the last step of implementation. This level of collaboration guarantees our joint customers’ success with Coveo.

Partner selection

  • Recruiting partners that are masters of their craft and are recognised for making their customers successful in the digital economy.
  • Understanding the specialities of each of our partners and referring the right partner to the right customer, according to their areas of expertise.

Partner enablement

  • Training partners to become proficient on Coveo via onsite/remote enablement sessions as well as giving access to all Coveo Academy training materials.
  • Hands-on partner mentoring as they are implementing with our joint customers by providing support during scrums, architecture design, and deployment best practices — our partners are an extension of our team.

Partner advancement

  • Opening up the Coveo platform to allow creativity and innovative offerings using our core technology.
  • Executing on joint go-to-market initiatives to collaboratively increase the presence of Coveo and our partners in new ecosystems, industries and use cases.

Connect with our Alliances team

Have questions about the Coveo Partner Network? Want to be apart of the leading insight engine or need help finding the perfect partner to drive your digital transformation? Reach out to our Alliances team to find out more.

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