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Build quickly and easily – with the all-in-one intelligent search platform.

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  • Documentation Everything you need to know from indexing content to tuning relevance and adding extensions. Explore docs
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Index any content simply and securely

Make content from any source accessible through your websites or platforms by indexing with pre-built connectors, APIs, or native integrations. Make the most of:

  • Pre-built and generic connectors for easy indexing
  • Push API and code samples for building custom connectors
  • Crawling module for firewall-protected on-premises content
  • Indexing pipelines for transforming content upon ingestion
  • Automatic replication of document security settings
Index anything

Build your UI your way

Create a search interface from scratch, use our WYSIWYG interface editor, or mix and match methods – to deliver the robust search experience you envision.

  • Drag-and-drop feature-rich search UI components
  • Headless UI library compatible with React, VueJS, Angular, LWC, and more
  • Open-source library of Javascript components
  • Native integrations for Salesforce, Sitecore, and ServiceNow
  • CLI to accelerate and bootstrap search UI development
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Get great results from Day 1

With a rich set of self-learning features right out of the box, get ultra-accurate search results that get better all on their own:

  • Synonym detection, query correction, and typo tolerance
  • Automatic re-ranking and dynamic filter display
  • Geo-location and multilingual search configurations
  • Usage analytics for measuring deployment success
  • Ready-to-configure, battle-tested machine learning models
Optimize easily

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Get powerful self-optimizing search

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More to explore

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  • Coveo Labs Write your code and share it. Plus, find other examples for customizing your build or connecting to any app. View code repositories
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