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High tech companies evolve quickly, as do the needs and expectations of their customers. This ever-evolving ecosystem requires a smart team and a smart set of tools. Leaders in the industry remain there by adopting innovative solutions that can transform the customer experience. Don't fall short of your customers' or employees' expectations, deliver the experience they expect.

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ChallengeCustomers want to self-serve online

Customers prefer to solve problems on their own, but your website doesn't make it easy for them to find the answers they need. From content stored in multiple repositories to a poor search experience, your customers are frustrated and your support costs are rising.
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SolutionOptimize your self-service customer experience

Use Coveo's AI-powered search capability to create a self-learning self-service portal. Coveo's Machine Learning automatically tunes results bsed on successful outcomes and offers the most relevant content to solve your customers' issues. It is also backed up by a robust set of connectors to unify all of your content into one place, so more knowledge is available in a central source.
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ChallengeCustomer support agents provide an inferior brand experience

The more complex a technology is, the more questions customers will have. Without a central knowledge base, customer service agents have to look across multiple portals to solve a simple issue, an especially difficult task for new agents.
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SolutionEmpower your team with a more intelligent Contact Center

Provide your most experienced employee - on every call. Deploying Coveo onto your customer support knowledge base makes finding relevant information painless and efficient. Coveo is even able to unify all the knowledge content across your organization so that your agents have a single view to solve more complex tasks on their own without having to escalate to the next tier.
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ChallengePartners need a more engaging and informative portal

Partner channels are often the most efficient way to grow the business, but when partners receive fragmented and inconsistent communication, they aren't as effective. Your portal may not have the relevant insights they need to close more deals and win more business.
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SolutionBring AI-powered search to your partner portal

Make it easy and efficient for your partners to find the information they need by unifying the content from across repositories in your partner portal, and delivering insights right when they need it. AI-powered search uses machine learning to automatically understand the user's behavior, context and history to recommend content and predict the infomation they need next.
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