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Drive high performance beyond the software

Accelerate and scale your most effective employee and customer experiences. With AI-powered relevance, remove friction and grow smartly.

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High tech Industry

When your product evolves at lightning speed, expectations change just as fast. Meet the needs of your customers and employees by delivering relevant content and information to them in real time based on where they are in their journey or workflow, and across any technology.

With Coveo, bring AI-powered search and recommendations into your products, communities, CRM, and more – to make your systems work for your users, not the other way around.

Innovate faster with deeper data

Collect insights from customer interactions to inform the product design process or identify need-to-fill content gaps to enrich your product adoption programs. With state-of-the-art customer and employee usage analytics, get the in-depth data you need to innovate and deliver results faster.
High tech Innovation

Scale smartly with relevance that’s future ready

Whether you’re tapping into new markets, introducing new business models, or adding new channels, AI-powered relevance lets you scale your offering with the resources you currently have. Keep adding new product content and connect new knowledge repositories while continuously anticipating what your users need next.
High tech support

Increase agility and close skill gaps

Give each person instant access to the information and resources they need to grow their skillset and stay on top of delivering next-generation software. With razor-sharp relevance and personalization for every user, your employees are in the loop – and so are your customers – no matter how big you get.
High tech Employee
AI-Powered Websites

Provide journeys that convert

  • Content-driven experiences
    Simplify content discovery by connecting and extending your website search beyond your CMS and into content repositories.
  • Product exploration and adoption
    Use customer data and context to recommend relevant content. Help customers self-serve, explore new features, and find answers.
  • Effective distribution channels
    Use AI and the interactions of your community to automatically surface the most meaningful content.
AI-Powered Service & Support

Satisfy customers with intelligent support

  • Effective customer self-service
    Help customers find answers faster with AI-powered search and proactive recommendations. Increase satisfaction and deflect more cases.
  • Quicker agent resolutions
    Increase first-call resolutions by giving agents a line of sight into a customer’s recent activity and making relevant knowledge easy to find.
  • Great service everywhere
    On your website, in your community, or in your apps – surface the same content to provide a seamless and consistent customer experience.
AI-Powered Workplace

Empower your employees with knowledge

  • Relevant knowledge, faster innovation
    Accelerate know-how with AI-powered recommendations that point employees in the right direction. Speed up access to knowledge to help employees innovate faster.
  • Tailored and timely product updates
    As your product evolves, keep each employee in the loop. Proactively recommend updates and resources based on department and role, so employees stay in the know.
  • An indispensable service center
    Give employees a go-to digital portal for finding the knowledge that keeps them going. Allow them to self-serve and use case deflection to keep teams in the flow of work.

When customers have an issue they come to our website or log in to our portal. By and large, they find a solution. My principal indicator of success is case deflection. Because of the subtlety of the data, I can put a dollar value on the amount of money we save through not having to manage cases – because self-service took care of it in advance.

Dave Jobling
Senior Program Manager, UX

Accelerate your growth strategy with AI-powered relevance


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