How Xero Increased Self-Service 20% with Generative Answering

In just 6 weeks, Xero revolutionized their self-service with Coveo Generative Answering. Discover how they:

  • Deliver proactive support – by leveraging existing enterprise information in a new way
  • Increase data security – by unifying their content into an access-controlled index
  • Provide consistent, accurate answers – by mitigating hallucinations in a customer-specific way


Serve customers accurate answers faster with GenAI-driven search

Xero helps small businesses thrive worldwide. Having only ever existed in the cloud, they retain the answer to every problem ever asked on their digital offering. But to truly unlock this wealth of knowledge, Xero needed accurate, fast answer delivery for millions of customer questions.


Coveo Relevance Generative Answering

When generative AI emerged, Xero partnered with Coveo to make generative answering available to their customers. By leveraging the new Coveo Relevance Generative Answering (CRGA) in their global customer learning and support site, Xero Central, Xero moves one step closer to achieving their vision of conversational, proactive service experiences. When a customer asks a question on Xero Central, they don’t just get a list of links — they receive an accurate, contextual, generated answer.

In the words of Nigel Piper, Xero’s Executive General Manager, Xero leverages RGA to “deliver beautiful, conversational answers'' directly to customers. Their Coveo unified index keeps security and access permissions intact for each document. Answers are generated from Xero's extensive support content, giving customers needed information faster. And, to mitigate hallucinations, Coveo supplies only relevant chunks of information to RGA to compose an answer that’s specific for that customer.

Every time someone asks a question, every time we solve an opportunity for someone, they become sticky on our platform. They stay, and that’s a really great experience for us.

Nigel Piper
Executive General Manager

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