Coveo Customer Advocacy Program

Where Customer Advocates Become Industry Experts and Thought Leaders

Your innovation, success, and influence are worth celebrating. Join our exclusive community of impressive advocates to push your business (and career!) even further.

Increasing your relevance

Increasing your relevance

As a Coveo Advocate, you'll help your company become more relevant to your customers, peers, and colleagues. The best part? We're by your side as your trusted partner to help you every step of the way.

When you join the Coveo Customer Advocacy Program, you’ll become part of a community of the best and brightest customers that receive exclusive benefits and opportunities like:

  • Award recognition opportunities to set you and your company apart from the competition
  • Networking with other thought leaders
  • Co-innovation discussions that push industries forward (and help you look great to your managers)
  • Education opportunities that enrich your experience on the job and as a professional
  • Chances to share your success story with an audience of influential professionals

Here’s just a peek at what you’ll gain…

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    Join an exclusive community and learn from other like-minded Relevance Platform experts, get the latest tips and tricks
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    Showcase you and your team’s positive impact to your wider organization, peers, customers, media and analysts
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    Build your own personal brand and establish yourself as a forward thinking thought leader and industry expert
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    Increase global awareness about your company’s brand, purpose and progress with Digital Experience Transformation and how it benefits your organization and customers
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    Gain priority access to networking events, including industry and user conferences, insider knowledge on future product releases
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    Shape the future of Coveo’s products and solutions with conversations that influence our strategic roadmap

Engagement opportunities that boost your reputation

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    Media Opportunities where you can participate in one-on-one interviews with press, analysts, industry-shaping research organizations, and social media influencers
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    Speaking Engagements to share your digital relevance experience journey success at sponsored industry events, webinars, and Coveo’s Relevance 360 conferences
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    Success Stories as both written and video content that presents your team’s achievements in a professional, compelling story format
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    Innovation Discussions and
    where you can learn from other Coveo customers about their strategies, implementation projects and business impact results
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    Customer Advisory Board and Technical Innovation Board where you can provide feedback on new products/solutions
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    Beta Testing and Early Adopters Program participation to evaluate feature enhancements

Celebrating our customers’ success

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