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Power up your chatbot with AI

Get your chatbot to serve up relevant answers and content recommendations from across your knowledge ecosystem – without spending days or weeks adjusting rules and decision trees.

Power up your chatbot with AI customer service chats.
Chatbot Artificial Intelligence

Answer more Qs with Coveo AI for your bot

There’s more than one way to ask a question, and your chatbot should always have an answer. Keep your bot from talking in circles and steer the conversation towards effective self-service content with Coveo’s question-answering and intelligent search capabilities.

Understand your customer with machine precision

Agents resolve a customer question with the help of complete customer context preservation.

Fewer rules, more answers

When enriched with all kinds of content and data, your bot can answer even when there are no predefined rules. Offer answers to unanticipated questions with intelligent content surfacing.

A wealth of content easily found

Index content of any source or type. Then, leverage it across platforms to help customers find the answers they need. Even an AI bot can benefit from Coveo’s AI-powered search.


Full customer context preserved

Capture interaction data and carry it over to other channels, like agent-assisted support. That way agents get the full context should a question require further assistance.

Let the AI connect, learn, and provide better answers

The woman with a tablet gets better answers through chatbot customer service interaction powered by Coveo.

Easy connections with robust APIs

Leverage AI with search parsing, grammar, snippeting, and completion required for each chatbot customer service interaction. Whatever you need, we’ve got an API for that.


Enriched intent detection

Combine past customer data and current customer context to better understand the needs of each individual. Then, show customers more of what they want.

See results with happier customers

Search for chatbots that create a delightful experience.

Case deflection success

Keep questions from turning into cases with additional self-service options. Every time your bot gets it right, that’s one less ticket for your customer support team. 

A delightful experience

Create an effortless chatbot customer experience across channels by letting AI tailor your bot’s interactions. With spot-on self-service, get more raving customers. 

Self-learning = less work

Save weeks, even months, of labor-intensive tuning by letting our machine learning algorithms take care of the grunt work. That’s what we call a self-learning AI chatbot. Of course, you remain in control and able to make the manual adjustments you need.

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