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Meet our trusted Coveo accelerators

For powerful Coveo implementations that go above and beyond, our 150+ partners bring best practices, faster implementations, and broader solution strategies to your digital transformation.

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Why work with a Coveo partner?

Harness the experience and knowledge of experts who’ve been there before. Choose from innovative digital agencies, system integrators, and global consultancy firms to bring your strategy to life and accelerate your digital experience transformation.

We see Coveo partners as an extension of our team and their mission is to help extend yours.

  • Navigate complexity with peace of mind
    Decrease your digital transformation’s time-to-value and lessen the burden on internal teams by having trusted advisors help you navigate your unique business challenges.
  • Tap into a support network
    Leverage your partner’s training and connections to the Coveo team, long after your implementation is complete. Get support when you need it.
  • Scale and grow your way
    Choose from a network of partners based on your current needs and growth strategy. Our partners range from small local specialists to major global agencies.

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Become a Partner

A partnership that delivers results

Become a Partner

A partnership that delivers results

Drive bigger and better outcomes for your customers and your organization with leading AI technology designed for search and experience personalization.

Find out how becoming a Coveo partner can help you stand out, deliver better results, and unlock new opportunities.

Discover our Most Valuable Professional program

Meet the pros driving customer success by bringing their deep expertise to Coveo implementations. Plus, find out what it takes to become a Coveo MVP.

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