Employee Portals

Intelligent self-service portals for employees

Provide an intelligent self-service experience fit for today's digital workplace.
Solve issues faster by giving relevant answers instantly to your employees.

  • Bring enterprise-wide information into your IT and HR portals
  • Leverage AI to provide better answers with every interaction
  • Onboard, upskill and service your employees faster

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Employee Self-Service Portals
How It Works

Empower employees to accomplish more on their own.

Coveo's AI-driven search and recommendations answer common questions faster, helping employees to get more done and reducing administrative tasks for your IT and HR teams.

Build a more effective employee portal

Build employee portal

50+ out-of-the-box connectors

Help employees find the information they need by pulling in knowledge from other repositories and workplace applications.

Cut costs on portal maintenance

Coveo's "set and forget" machine learning delivers the most relevant experience to employees without costly knowledge base maintenance.

Plug it into your existing self-service portals

Coveo improves the employee self-service experience without asking them to adopt any new tools, knowledge management systems or processes.

Keep your existing systems

Coveo improves the employee self-service experience without asking them to adopt any new tools or processes.

Keep employees productive, proficient, and happy

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Reduce the time spent searching

Coveo’s unified search index and powerful relevance platform reduces friction and gets employees the answers they need faster.

Understand each employee’s needs

Coveo’s machine learning models learn what each individual needs so that you can reduce employee frustration and provide a more personalized experience.

Onboard and upskill people faster

With the right knowledge at their fingertips, employees can reach proficiency faster.

Reduce the administrative burden

Employee portal feature

Proactive insights with AI

Coveo’s powerful recommendation engine uses employee data and insights to serve up relevant content before employees even need to search.

A people-centric experience

From new hires to company veterans, Coveo understands employees’ roles and what matters to them.

Advanced case deflection

Coveo offers relevant answers right up to the moment your employees submit a case, and has been proven to improve case deflection.

A better agent experience

Coveo equips your IT and HR specialists as well as employees, serving relevant insights within their workflow so that they can resolve cases faster.

Coveo search solutions

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Customer success & support

We offer a support system to help ensure your success, including online training, product coaching, and health reviews.

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