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Coveo teams are dedicated to providing world-class service by building trusted relationships with your team every step of the way.

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Coveo Customer Lifecycle

From initial implementation to continuous improvement, Coveo offers the expertise, training, tools and best practices to help you get the greatest return on your investment.



Whether you need assistance with initial implementation, configuration, best practices, migration or customization, you can trust Coveo Professional Services to deliver powerful results.

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Once you're up and running, our Coveo Customer Support and Success Teams will continue to work with you to help you drive adoption and ensure that you're delivering the value you're counting on. Coveo is much more than a technology stack; it's a company-wide focus on helping you achieve business outcomes.

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The Coveo Global Services Team supports our customers through the evolution of their business needs, as well as the continued innovation of Coveo technology, where integrated.

Our Services Help You Maximize Your
Return on Coveo Investment

  • Communication
    Professional Services Our knowledgeable, experienced, Professional Services team is committed to providing high-quality service to our customers.
  • Learning
    Training Programs Whether you need us to facilitate on-site training at a location of your choosing and exclusively to your employees, or you want to schedule an on-line training session for your team, contact us for options.

The reason why Coveo is very important is because it touches each and
every touch point of our customers.
Coveo is in every footprint of our
customer’s journey.

Pattabhi Raman
Associate Director, Global Support Infrastructure at Informatica

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For critical issues, such as the loss of the search service in your production environment, please call us after opening your ticket.

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