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Serve millions of customers better, faster, and more cost-effectively with AI-powered relevance at every touchpoint.

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Since the start of the global pandemic, the telecommunication industry has had to evolve quickly. Adapting to serve customers digitally and remotely at scale has become a competitive advantage while demand for internet services has soared.

So how does a company that serves every demographic help millions of customers and answer millions of questions? All it takes is an AI-powered relevance platform. With Coveo, make relevant content easy to find for customers and employees – on your website, in your apps, in chat, and across company software.

Every customer interaction defines the brand experience

Your customers are reliant on digital experiences more than ever before. With AI, personalize your support content and special offers by connecting cues from searches, clicks, and customer profiles to provide information that’s relevant and builds brand affinity.
Customer interaction

Connect your data and your journeys

Whether troubleshooting an issue online, shopping for a better plan, or reaching out for help, your customers expect speed and convenience. By stitching customer interaction data to their profile, get deeper experience analytics, and identify content gaps so you can optimize the experience and deliver great service faster.
Build trust

Build trust globally with local reactivity

Display local outage announcements only to customers affected, recommend answers to common questions based on device or hookup, and trigger offers based on a person’s service usage. No matter where customers are, personalize interactions while keeping their data secure.
Connect your data
AI-Powered Websites

Redefine how it all connects

Explore AI-powered websites
  • Value-driven experiences
    Carry brand integrity throughout the digital experience with AI-powered search and relevance embodying your commitment to speed and convenience.
  • Personalized product discovery
    Based on a user’s clicks and searches, automatically tailor product information and content to help them zero on the right one sooner.
  • Promo and bundle specificity
    Let AI serve customers the promos or cross-sell offers most likely to be compelling to them based on profile, usage, and real-time interaction data.
AI-Powered Service & Support

Satisfy customers quickly, from a distance

Explore AI-powered service and support
  • Smart self-service
    There’s more than one way to ask a question, but with AI-powered search, your community or portal connects customers to the best answer. Boost self-service and offload your call center.
  • Tier 1, reinforced
    With AI-powered search and insights, your first line of contact can handle more. Provide visibility into a customer’s recent activity and make knowledge accessible, increasing first-call resolutions.
  • Intelligent cost savings
    With AI running through your processes, including self-service, case submission, and escalation, resolve cases faster and make truck rolls less frequent.
AI-Powered Workplace

Develop excellence that breeds loyalty

Explore the AI-powered workplace
  • Intelligent knowledge sharing
    When a new issue comes up or an outage happens, make sure it’s documented and shared with agents and reps that need to know, even if they’re working from home.
  • Harmonized customer info
    With full journey insights and AI-powered recommendations, help agents know each customer, feel equipped to fix an issue, and deliver better customer outcomes.
  • Upskilling accelerated
    Give employees access to the knowledge and training they need to deliver great service. With AI-powered recommendations, they can easily self-serve while staying in the flow of work.

Personalize experiences at scale with AI-powered relevance

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