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The competition for customers is fierce, as cord-cutting and service hopping become the norm. With major shifts in customer expectations, companies need every advantage to win and retain the best customers. Forward-thinking telecommunications leaders are investing in a personalized customer experience as their competitive advantage.

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ChallengeCustomers and the business model requires personalization of every detail

Customers are frustrated when they services the see online are not available for them to order, presented at a promotion price they are not entitled to, or not a right fit. This drives a need for increasingly customized product options, tuned not only to a customer's individual location, but also their age, preferences, habits and tenure as a customer.
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SolutionTarget your customers precisely with a Personalized Website

Customers feel truly understood by your company when the entire customer journey is personalized to their needs, and the most appropriate products for their needs are proposed. Coveo uses machine learning to automatically study the online behavior patterns of visitors and start predicting which content and services will be most appropriate.
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ChallengeWe have that information... somewhere

Working with disparate information sources, aging legacy applications, and systems brought together from assorted mergers over time makes it nearly impossible for employees to have an accurate, unified view of the information they need to assist customers, trouble shoot network operations or plan for infrastructure investment.
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SolutionUnify your content to support better decisions

You don't need to migrate systems in order to get a better unified view of the information across your business. AI-powered search lets you unify content regardless of the source, and then using the power of machine learning, ranks it according to relevance for what each user is trying to achieve. They can get the information they need, when they need it, and never have to know that it came from multiple systems.
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ChallengeContact center agents miss opportunities for cross- and up-sells

How many applications does it take for your employee to understand which upsell will be the most successful? Without a unified view and content recommendations, customer service agents are missing out on an opportunity to convert customers.
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SolutionIncrease revenue with a more intelligent Contact Center

Coveo connects the ecosystem of record to make it searchable and predictive. When your employees don't have to search through multiple separate applications to find the right files and can easily connect with the information they need, they can start focus on personalizing each pitch to each customer.
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