AI-Powered Dealer Portals

Power dealer self-service with intelligent search and discovery

Personalize experiences every step of the way by connecting your dealer management system, knowledge bases, and case management with AI-powered cross-platform search and recommendations. 

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Make sure each rep finds exactly what they need

Give each person quick and intuitive access to the content they need from sales to service. Unify content from your best-in-breed systems to broaden access to your most relevant content. Then, leverage AI to understand user context and deliver the right resources across search and content recommendations. 

Connect the systems you already have

Your best content de-siloed

Give your dealer network a single point of access to knowledge through a unified index without disrupting your dealer management system experience. Coveo offers 55+ ready-to-use connectors for over 100 content types. 

Easy, flexible integration

Plug Coveo into your existing self-service portals and service software with pre-built integrations into systems like Salesforce, ServiceNow, Zendesk, and more.  

Omnichannel relevance

Add the same powerful search across all your touchpoints to offer seamless access to knowledge and personalized experiences across your website, dealer portal, customer community, and beyond.  

Personalize the entire self-service journey

Predictive & self-learning search

Help dealers find quality information faster. Coveo’s predictive and personalized search self-optimizes in real time to ensure the most relevant content surfaces to the top. 


Content recommendations for now and later

Use click and search behavior to recommend content and shape the partner experience. Coveo learns from past interactions, topics of interest, and affiliations to suggest what to view next. 


Relevance across the journey

Show each person relevant content based on where they are in their journey – from pre-purchase to post-purchase, solving issues to exploring the product.

Gain 360° sales and service insights

Cross-channel trends & usage analytics

Service interactions are opportunities to learn more about your network. See what people care about and where they struggle along the journey. Coveo tracks behavior across channels to give you a fuller picture of trends.

Gaps & opportunities identification

Coveo measures what content is working and where content may be missing. Ensure the most searched content is available and constantly improved, so customers find it before creating a case.


A 360° view of the customer journey

Your agents shouldn’t have to switch windows to see the customer’s journey prior to submitting a case. Reduce the time to solve by giving after-sales agents the ability to see the full context and the path a customer took to get there.


We can see what articles the dealer clicked on to try and solve their concern. Analytics tell me if there’s a content gap, so that we know we have to create articles to help with specific issues. We can combine this information with the case management report to have better insight overall.

Jasmin Boudreau

Business Leader & Global After-Sales Systems & Community Manager

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