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The healthcare industry is complex and while technology has given us access to more information, the sheer volume of that information has grown exponentially and remains disconnected in siloed systems. This means it is increasingly difficult to provide your employees and your customers with the knowledge they need - they simply cannot find it. Fortunately, Coveo can help by giving you the ability to surface the most relevant content in context with each inquiry - all while ensuring data security and HIPPA compliance.

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ChallengeCustomers want answers not frustration

Whether it's looking for the nearest in-network doctor or resolving a billing issue, your patients and customers need the right content at the right time. Information that is buried and difficult to find escalates the need for live support and increases your support costs.
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SolutionsEmpower patients and customers with self-service

Increase customer success and satisfaction with Coveo. Leverage Coveo's AI-powered search capabilities to tailor the experience and recommend the most relevant content for each patient or customer. Leading them to the answers they need to solve their issues quickly and effectively.
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problem - maze

ChallengeIt takes too long for employees to become proficient

In a knowledge-intensive company like healthcare, you probably struggle with the volume of information both within and external to your organization. Each new hire must find their way through a maze of technical, compliance, and product content in different applications in order to become proficient.
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SolutionsUpskill your workforce with an intelligent intranet

Coveo helps you quickly upskill your workforce and reduce time-to contribution for new employees. We enable this by integrating the most relevant information directly into their daily workflows, so they can handle more complex work and become proficient more quickly.
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problem - maze

ChallengeSupport agents struggle to find relevant information

In the healthcare industry as in many others, support agents waste precious time in searching for the right content that may be scattered across disparate systems. Even within a single CRM application, the most relevant content may be buried within attachments or case details.
solution - maze

SolutionsWitness efficiency gains for your support center

With Coveo's AI-powered search embedded directly on your support agent screen, agents can more efficiently resolve the case at hand without searching multiple siloed content repositories — leading to faster resolutions times, happy customers and less-stressed agents.
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