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Provide exceptional member service

Improve the healthcare journey for members and the networks that supports them. Give members relevant information when and where they need it.

Provide exceptional member service with an AI-powered healthcare patient portal
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Improve the healthcare journey for members and your network


Improve the healthcare journey for members and your network

With the global pandemic driving significant change from policy reform to shifts in consumer behaviors, members are looking to their insurers for stability and trusted answers. How can health insurers quickly adapt? Choosing AI-powered search technology can help.

Coveo’s relevance engine leverages the data from your existing systems and applies AI, analytics, and recommendation technologies to connect people to the right content so they can receive the appropriate knowledge - critical to their care.
  • Self-care and telehealth supported at scale
    Provide intelligent digital patient experiences to thousands of members, through member portals and over telehealth interactions – while helping to reduce incoming calls to your support center.
  • Full insight into customer journeys
    Help your agents deliver remarkable assistance and trusted answers with quick access to the right knowledge, a full view of a member's digital journey, and AI-powered recommendations.
  • A flexible, interoperable ecosystem
    AI-powered relevance automatically adjusts the digital search and self-care experience, so that healthcare portals are personalized for every member.

AI-Powered Websites & Portals

Connect people to the right content faster

Intelligent knowledge management solution for healthcare

Peace of mind for members

Whether they want to understand their policy or request a reimbursement, use customers’ clicks and queries to quickly deliver the right answer, information, and outcome.

Easy plan selection

Help prospective members find the right plan by presenting relevant options and content that informs, builds trust, and converts.

Service rep and broker enablement

Suggest relevant tools, information, and training to support your sales network. Help them recommend the right plans to members and upgrades as needs grow.

AI-Powered Service & Support

Serve more members and lower costs

Smart intranet for hospital & insurers

One-stop customer self-service

With smart search and recommendations, encourage self-service for personal care, provider information, and general health, curbing incoming calls.

Quicker agent assistance

Boost first-call resolutions and reduce AHT by equipping agents with AI-enhanced interfaces. Provide customer journey insights and make relevant knowledge easy to find.

Efficient service across channels

On your website, in your patient portal, or over the phone, provide seamless and consistent service wherever your customers are.

AI-Powered Workplace

Equip brokers, agents, and staff with relevant knowledge

Equip brokers, agents, and staff with relevant knowledge through an insurance agent & broker portal

Relevant resources at the right moment

Accelerate employee knowledge sharing by adding AI-powered search and recommendations to enterprise apps. Keep employees in the flow of work and productivity high.

Timely and accurate information

With AI layered into your systems, ensure that your agents, brokers, and staff always have the latest information, forms, policies, and regulations in a single screen in an embedded insight panel.

Personalized network enablement

Let your portal recommend the best training and support resources for your employees and network to deepen their knowledge of your multi-product portfolio.

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