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Manulife Financial Corporation

Manulife Helps Employees Find Knowledge Faster with 70% Driven by AI

Operating primarily as John Hancock in the United States and Manulife elsewhere in the world, Manulife is a leading international financial services company with over 130 years of experience.



Searching for a better way to stay connected globally

Although often seen as a secondary need, search is an important part of the employee experience. And so, the intranet team staffed by a roster of passionate Communications, Digital Marketing and Technology professionals, looked to implement an intelligent and AI-driven search solution that would give employees a great experience navigating content on their global intranet. Employees need the right content at their fingertips to support the rapidly changing workplace. While effective search technologies aren’t immediately noticeable to employees, problems arise when employees can’t find what they need and can’t perform their roles effectively. Once search stops working, employees stop searching and usage of core tools declines.

A people-first approach that connects the dots

Manulife wanted to ensure their Intranet could support employees in not only finding general company information and news, but also role-specific and task-specific information. This meant that content from multiple systems needed to be accessible from within the intranet.

By choosing Coveo, Manulife knew they could unify their search capabilities and leverage AI-driven result recommendations. While intranet technologies often have limited search features and can’t search across external applications, Coveo can, with minimal manual coding. Thanks to ready-made connectors – for Box, Confluence, Jive, SharePoint Online, Salesforce, Google Drive, and more.

Further enhancing the search experience, Manulife activated Coveo’s AI machine learning models to proactively help employees by suggesting the right search terms, and by boosting and recommending the right content.

“Search terms give us a good indication of what’s on employees’ minds and we use this information to proactively make decisions about content, the user experience and channel enhancements.”Anna Dorbyk, Global Director, Channels

To round out their efforts, the intranet team leveraged Coveo’s Usage Analytics to reveal valuable data and insights, which helped to tell a more comprehensive story about what employees were searching for as well as in which areas content gaps might existed.

Building the digital workplace of tomorrow

Since implementing Coveo, Manulife has seen positive signs that employees are finding what they’re looking for on the intranet – with 65,000 average monthly searches, over 70% of those are guided by AI-driven suggestions and an average 2.1 click rank score, which will continue to improve over time thanks to the use of machine learning models.

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