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Smoother resolutions for every call & request

Keep agents connected to relevant knowledge and give them better insight into the customer journey across channels.  With intelligent search and case-contextual recommendations, see what AI for contact centers can do.

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Supercharge your contact center with AI

Leverage the power of machine learning to help your contact center agents respond with urgency and resolve with empathy. With faster and intuitive content discovery, you can increase first-call resolutions and boost agent productivity.

Find your best knowledge all in one view

55+ pre-built content connectors

Index resolution-driving knowledge from virtually any source. With ready-to-use connectors supporting over 100 content types, Coveo keeps your best knowledge accessible.


Instant case insights

With Coveo’s intelligent term detection, case details help prepopulate the agent workspace with relevant content recommendations and results – even when a case is first opened.


Fully integrated intelligent search

Make it easier to find answers with as-you-type predictive search,  self-optimizing search results, and case-contextual recommendations, directly within your agents’ CRM panel.


Drive resolutions with 360° customer context

Cross-channel data stitching

Coveo can stitch together a customer’s search and click behavior across channels and sites to give support agents fuller context about the customer journey.


Personalized recommendations

Based on the customer’s purchasing history, queries, and pageviews, support agents get content recommendations most likely to lead to a speedy resolution for that customer. 


Customer activity insights

Give agents a snapshot of a customer’s recent activity, so they can know which resources they’ve consulted or actions they’ve already taken, and narrow in on the right answer sooner.

Optimize your content & agent experience

Content health tracking

Identify content gaps and trends to further refine your content strategy. Create custom dashboards to track experience metrics that matter to you.

Support agent experience metrics

Measure search effectiveness and see identify trends in how agents are searching. Also, track agent engagement metrics and attachment rate to ensure proper processes and methodology are followed.


Omnichannel analytics

See how the customer and agent experience connect by combining Coveo search and support analytics with your existing data, from your customer data platforms (CDP) to your systems of engagement and beyond. 


Coveo search solutions

Find the support you need

Free customer support site assessment

Not sure where to start when it comes to improving findability? Send us your site URL and we’ll help you identify the top opportunities.

Customer success & support

We offer a support system to help ensure your success, including online training, product coaching, and health reviews.

150+ trusted partners

From system integrators to technology partners and agencies, find the right partner to accelerate your success.

Other ways to use Coveo

  • Customer self-service
    Get relevant search and content recommendations for successful self-service across channels.
  • In-product help
    Surface knowledge when it’s needed, right inside your products and websites.
  • Chatbot AI
    Improve your chatbot with self-optimizing search that delivers relevant unmapped answers.
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