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How Informatica Boosted Case Deflection by 120% with Proactive Self-Service

“A key feature I like a lot is the community crowd-sourced content that’s populating our knowledge base. Coveo boosts any discussions that have been marked as helpful to best serve our customers.”
- Pattabhi Raman, Associate Director, Global Support Infrastructure



With over 9,500 organizations worldwide and 85 of the Fortune 100 companies turning to their big data solutions, Informatica is leading the way for both data integration and management. But being a leader comes with its challenges, such as serving a growing list of customers, empowering 350+ support engineers across 11 contact centers, and offering support in 10 different languages.

Over the years as the company grew, so did its support operations. Making self-service ultra-efficient became a critical priority for Informatica – to retain their customers as well as their market lead.

Where to go for answers when you need them

The overwhelming majority of Informatica’s customers use the web as their preferred channel to self-serve. The problem was that nearly 20% of their customer support site searches were yielding no content.

To make matters worse, customers weren’t the only ones having a hard time finding what they needed. Engineers spent almost a quarter of their time looking for information, often searching across various content repositories just to find a single answer to help a customer.

“The first thing our customers do is start their web journey with search, and they were very verbal about the bad search experience they were having.”Pattabhi Raman

Customer satisfaction was at an all-time low and IT was dissatisfied with the growing cost of infrastructure handling and maintenance. Implementation complexities were slowing down innovation; rapid data growth was flooding content repositories and affecting the search experience; and ultimately usage analytics and reporting were lacking.

One thing was certain: making Informatica’s content accessible and delivering the right information at the right time for every customer was imperative. But not just any technology provider would fit the bill. They needed a solution that could accommodate their 40 support-moderated customer forums, roughly 100,000 articles spread across 20 different content sources, and more than 500,000 monthly customer searches. That’s where Coveo comes in.

Smarter search for smooth scaling

Using Coveo’s intelligent search capabilities, Informatica started tuning its search results through triggers and conditions. By setting up alerts and follow queries, they started getting a clearer understanding of customer intent. Now, machine learning injects relevance into every interaction, offering dynamic recommendations, and making sure the most contextually relevant information is being delivered the moment it’s needed.

“We viewed multiple vendors, but Coveo beat out Google and other enterprise search vendors. We’re the leaders in our industry and Coveo is the leader in the search industry. Coveo was the perfect fit for us.” Pattabhi Raman

Today, Informatica isn’t just bringing the know-how content from sources like SharePoint and Jive into Salesforce, but also using Coveo’s expertise-finding capabilities to automatically identify the know-who for easier collaboration via intelligent routing and swarming. Coveo’s user-friendly dashboards enable Informatica to extract insights from their data and usage analytics, and put them into action to further improve the self-service experience.

The company can now return search results from any indexed content source. Customers and support agents can quickly surface and narrow results with dynamic navigation and intelligent ranking. And that’s just the beginning.

Easier interactions and greater satisfaction

Once intelligent search was put in place, Informatica was able to use Coveo’s AI to improve the efficiency of their case creation and resolution processes. As a customer enters their case information, proactive and relevant content suggestions appear adjacent to the form steering them towards existing content that may solve their issue without even needing to submit the case.

When a case is created, agents see which articles a customer has already consulted in addition to their customer profile. Triggers and conditions emphasize specific content for the customer’s scenario based on data from previous support interactions. This in turn helps agents get to the right solution faster.

“The beauty of Coveo is that the complete customer journey – what content they’ve viewed and what content they’ve accessed – is visible to our agents. This greatly brings down customer frustrations,” explains Raman.

The proof it’s working is in the company’s metrics. With Coveo, Informatica has seen its best CSAT score yet achieving a 5% increase. With intelligent case submission, case deflection has seen a 120% boost. And by making content easy to find through unified search and AI-enhanced surfacing, Informatica has halved its content gap. As customers can find content more easily, duplicate content creation on discussion forums has also seen a 50% decrease.

Raman adds, “A key feature I like a lot is the community crowd-sourced content that’s populating our knowledge base. Coveo boosts any discussions that have been marked as helpful to best serve our customers.”

“Coveo is in every footprint of our customer’s journey.”Pattabhi Raman

Machine learning has made Informatica’s existing technology smarter and more efficient than ever before. It’s eliminated the need for manual tagging of content and offers greater control over query suggestions, search results, and click-rank. Additionally, click-through and user engagement are on the ups thanks to proactive and predictive recommendations.

With the primary focus of improving content accessibility and case deflection now well underway, Informatica is looking to optimize the finer details of the customer service experience. The next projects they’ll be tackling will be further improving customer click-through rates, as well as enriching case data collection and tuning on the agent side.

As Informatica continues to innovate and improve upon its customer service experience, two things will remain key to providing ultra-personalized world-class experiences: integrating knowledge and content directly within products, and human-driven relevance that only the finest AI can achieve. With Coveo in its wheelhouse, Informatica is poised to deliver.

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