Financial Services

Become their most trusted advisor

Connect every customer to the most relevant banking or insurance solutions. With AI-powered relevance, grow loyalty and get customers for life.

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Financial services industry
Customers go where the experience feels right. Help them make sense of information and find the right products faster by delivering one-to-one relevance with AI. Connect the knowledge and data you have to make delivering service easier and more convenient in person and digitally.

Connect the dots from channel to channel

Always know your customer no matter where they choose to interact with you – online, in branch, or over the phone. Connect their customer profile and their interaction data to automatically tailor the experience and recommend products that fit their needs.
Financial services connection

Grow with your customers

With richer customer insights, personalize bundles and promote relevant products across banking, insurance, and investing. Determine next best action based on event triggers and by letting AI fine-tune recommendations in real time.
Financial services growth

Protect your customer data

When customers put their trust in you, keeping their data secure is your utmost priority. Encrypt customer and interaction data in transit and at rest while upholding global best-in-class security standards. Plus, easily manage information access levels for both internal and external users.
Financial services data security
AI-Powered websites

Connect your digital journeys

Explore AI-powered websites
  • Real-time personalization
    Track search journeys and clicks to dynamically tailor content and product recommendations based on each customer’s real-time needs.
  • Cross-channel relevance
    Automatically stitch customer profile information and interaction data across web properties. Increase conversions with greater relevance at every touchpoint.
  • Automatic and manual optimization
    Let machine learning automatically fine-tune the experience, but also set rules to boost timely offers or fine-tune findability. Optimize the experience with robust tools and analytics.
AI-Powered Service & Support

Consistently great customer experiences

Explore AI-powered service and support
  • Satisfying self-service
    With intelligent search, make answers easier to find. Provide self-service options for customers who prefer to help themselves.
  • Able advisors & brokers
    Every customer leaves a digital trail. Why not give your advisors insights and point them towards relevant knowledge to best serve their clients? Help them build trust and cross-sell effectively.
  • Consistently great service
    Make relevant content accessible through your apps, website, chat, and more. Provide a seamless customer experience across every channel.
AI-Powered Workplace

Cultivate employee excellence

Explore the AI-powered workplace
  • Actionable insights
    Process requests quickly and flawlessly with relevant customer insights pointing employees towards helpful resources and outcomes.
  • Employee self-service
    With proactive recommendations, personalize workplace interfaces and help employees find answers. Deflect IT and HR questions while lowering costs.
  • An intelligent intranet
    With AI-powered recommendations and role-specific personalization, make your intranet the go-to destination for up-to-date information and resources.

Immediately after implementing Coveo, users were visiting one fewer page, every visit. That might seem like a negative, but they were actually spending more time on their pages. [Today] we're taking them right to the most important thing, so they’re able to focus their attention and get a better result because of it.

V.J. Watkins
Community Business Analyst
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