Omnichannel Personalization for Financial Services

Deliver unified experiences throughout the customer journey

Coveo securely & efficiently delivers personalized, proactive service experiences, saving you money while boosting customer & rep satisfaction. A true win-win!

The Coveo Platform™ is purpose-built to deliver on your most critical customer service outcomes:

  • Improve Self-Service
    87% of customers that try to self-serve fail to achieve resolution and site navigation is the top reason they fail; read more

    Coveo Delivered 62% increase in assisted contact deflections to retirement company with more than 38 million members
  • Loyalty Building Experiences
    96% of customers say negative service experiences impact loyalty; see the report

    After deploying Coveo on their community pages, a large FinTech found customers were 7x more likely to be a promoter
  • Easier Rep Experience
    The average frontline rep spends 3.6 hours looking for information PER DAY!; see our findings

    A Fortune 100 insurer realized a 65% reduction in time spent searching for information boosting employee experience by switching to Coveo
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Banks and insurers who profitably put people first
Financial Services
AI-Powered Banking and Insurance

Key to success in 2022: Make your customers’ lives easier

AI-Powered Banking and Insurance

Key to success in 2022: Make your customers’ lives easier

They need to feel like you exist just for them. To see you as their most trusted advisor. No matter where they are in their life stage – or customer journey.

This requires authentic personalization, delivered at scale. On every channel.

Coveo AI learns from every client’s digital interactions, profiles, and entitlements to offer up relevant information, where and when they need it.

  • Omni-channel approach
    From websites to self-service portals, from chatbots to customer service agents, Coveo AI helps deliver consistently relevant information at each touch point of your customer’s journey.
  • Robust insightful analytics
    To provide service that makes your customers feel heard, you need to know what they want. That’s exactly what Coveo Analytics uncovers. With easy-to-use, robust reporting, you’ll get both at-a-glance, real-time customer insights and granular data that allows you to dive in deep.
  • Best-in-class enterprise grade security
    Customer and interaction data is encrypted, both in transit and at rest. You’ll stay compliant with best-in-class global security standards. Bonus: Unlike other platforms, Coveo AI doesn’t rely on third-party data. This means you can still gather valuable customer info without violating cookie permissions.
AI-Powered Banking

Banks who put people first grow right along with them

AI-Powered Banking

Banks who put people first grow right along with them

That first credit card. The joint account. A 529 plan. A 401k. Your customer’s banking journey is really their life journey.

The institutions who tap into the wealth of customer data across their assorted systems, using AI to understand, support, and help their customers along, will gain their loyalty and drive profitable growth.


Attract new clients with personalized website experiences

Coveo AI learns each visitor’s intent, and dynamically tailors content and product offers that lift online applications.

Deliver personal customer service, anywhere

Keep questions from turning into cases by serving up answers customers love through the channels they prefer. Save them time with intelligent search that gives them just the answers they need, whether online, on the phone, or on the run.

Empower your account teams in the hybrid workplace

Make knowledge easy to find across your enterprise applications. Help employees be effective, productive, and proficient, wherever they are. Help them process requests quickly and flawlessly with relevant customer insights.

AI-Powered Insurance

Insurers who put people first earn pain-free profits

AI-Powered Insurance

Insurers who put people first earn pain-free profits

Accidents and injuries are painful enough. Interacting with your insurer shouldn’t be. Make it personal and effortless.

With AI, you know and understand your customers better. They’ll feel heard, supported, and satisfied.


Boost website form conversions

Automatically serve up relevant offers based on interaction signals and customer profile information across web properties to improve online application form completions, across channels.

Arm advisors & brokers to give great service

Every customer leaves a digital trail. Give your advisors insights and knowledge recommendations to better meet and serve each person wherever they are in their financial journey.

Expand your customer share-of-wallet

Coveo AI enables you to offer customers additional relevant product lines and policies, in compliance with each customer’s locale, current policies, claims, context and more, to grow your book of business.

How Coveo Works for Financial Services

Getting started with superior AI is easy with Coveo

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    Get a free assessment
    In just 30 minutes, our experts will identify and walk you through your exact customer experience gaps. Then, they’ll give you a wealth of “quick win” recommendations you can start using immediately. A $2,000 value – free!
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    Stress-free deployment
    Things get done in hours instead of days or weeks. Our Professional Services, Customer Onboarding, Customer Success, and Business Development teams work with you throughout the process. This helps ensure you realize your expectations.
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    Machine learning starts from Day 1!
    Coveo’s machine learning automatically begins analyzing interaction data to tailor content to your users. You can also take a more hands-on approach and tune individual models yourself. Either way, understanding your customer intent has never been easier.


Yes, Coveo can handle massive amounts of data. Here are more answers:

Compared to free open-source search products, it might seem that way. But, when you factor in total cost of ownership, hosting, and maintenance… things add up quickly. That’s not to mention the lost developer hours with drawn-out, frustrating deployments. Coveo takes considerably less time to size, provision, configure and maintain. And that makes us a cost-effective solution overall. Not only that, but our easy to use analytics make it simple to see your up-to-the-minute ROI.

From Day 1. Really. Even when there’s zero data about a visitor, Coveo can help serve them the content they need to push them closer to conversion. We call these “cold visitors”, and we’re experts at understanding them. We’ve built our own AI and machine learning models to help serve them immediately.

No! Our easy-to-configure machine learning models are continuously optimized. So, you can let AI personalize content, not thousands of rules. This means your dev team isn’t stuck maintaining things themselves – or, wasting time opening support tickets to get things solved.

Coveo does not index, transmit, process, or store private credit card data and therefore does not have PCI compliance. However, at Coveo, security by design means governance inspired by ISO 27001, maturity models based on CoBIT, security processes defined by the ISM3, and measures taken from the NIST special publications.  Learn more about compliance.

Yes, Coveo provides a number of documents under Non-Disclosure, including its SOC 2 Type II Examination Report, penetration tests, and pre-filled questionnaires. Contact us to make a request.

There are two types of data transferred to Coveo: Index and Analytics Data. Customers can configure precisely what data is sent to Coveo, by adjusting custom objects and fields to be indexed, or by disabling, obfuscating, or encrypting any usage metric visible in the dashboard.

Customer data is unified in a single Coveo index. These indexes are proprietary and stored on binary files, compressed using proprietary algorithms, and encrypted at rest using AES-256 or better.

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