In-Product Experience

Relevant content, right inside your application

Help your customers succeed on their own. Embed product support and recommendations with just a single line of code.

Surface help from the inside-out.

Surface help from the inside-out.

Keep your customers inside your application. Coveo IPX offers full search and recommendation capabilities with a single button. This allows customers to access personalized content without having to leave the current interface.

Guide users throughout their journey.

Guide users throughout their journey.

Reduce friction and discourage drop-off at every stage of the user journey. Coveo machine learning delivers personalized information in the IPX to both habitual users seeking advanced knowledge and new users exploring a product for the first time.

Product insight​ beyond performance metrics​

Product insight​ beyond performance metrics​

Drive your product forward every day — with just a quick glance. Coveo’s summarized reports make it easy to equip your product managers with powerful insights. Understand customer pain points and search behaviors. Fill content gaps. Boost product usage and feature discovery. Everything you need to build a proactive user experience without confusing metrics.

Customer Insights

Transform high-tech to high-touch


For customers

Help your customers stay connected to your product – and get more out of it. They’ll get personalized results based on their identities and actions, all without leaving your application.

For product managers

Improve your product by uncovering hidden pain points. IPX data allows you to track the user journey across all touchpoints and provide a streamlined experience.

Your in-product experience, your way: Next-Gen IPX

A single line of code

With just one line of code for developers and one click for everyone else, implementation is simple. Bonus: the solution is a managed package that automatically leverages Coveo's latest upgrades and technologies.

Create and deploy IPX within the Coveo platform

No need for IT intervention. Next-gen IPX saves valuable time and resources. With the user-friendly builder, business users can create and deploy any IPX instantly, directly inside the Coveo Admin console.

Interactive and live preview display

The IPX builder comes with a live preview so you can adjust your experience risk-free before going live.

Match your brand to keep users in the flow

Control the look and feel of your search results so they mirror your brand identity. You can even segment content in a way that makes sense for your users.

Connect the high-tech with the high-touch: built-in contextual help

Automatic Relevance Tuning (ART)

Coveo’s ART model analyzes user behavior patterns across site visits to understand which clicked results and content led to successful outcomes. Then, it automatically adjusts future search results so the best-performing content is always at the top.

Content Recommendation (CR)

The Coveo CR model understands both your user’s location in your app and their past search activity across different pages. As a result, they’re shown info that’s specifically personalized to their current tasks.

Query suggestions

Recommend relevant search terms while agents type in the search box. Coveo identifies exact, partial, or fuzzy matches and stems keywords to remove duplicates. Search suggestions are ranked based on relevancy.

User insight

Track user interactions with your application via IPX for valuable insights into self-service success. Empower your product team with cross-channel user reports to identify friction points and improve products continuously.

One line of code, impactful results

We’re looking at the Coveo platform to help on both sides of those dimensions of being data-driven and customer experience-driven.

Peter Cook
VP, Digital Transformation, F5

Create an in-product experience your customers never want to leave

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