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Predict what people need, before they even know they need it. Engage and convert with data and AI.

Coveo's recommendation software as a service

Stay one step ahead with an intelligent recommender


Stay one step ahead with an intelligent recommender

From browsing to searching, use Coveo’s state-of-the-art recommendation engine to help people discover content, products, and services they want or are likely to need next.

Recommend at every step of the journey

AI-enabled content recommendations for the full journey

Context-aware recommendations

Show what’s most relevant to a person based on where they are in their journey – from pre-purchase to post-purchase, from seeking answers to exploring content.

Ready-to-go machine learning models

Choose the algorithm that fits your scenario. Coveo provides recommendation models that are easy to set up – including interest-based, frequently viewed and bought together, popular items, and more.

Journey and data stitching

Needs change over time, so do recommendations with Coveo. Connect current context, user history, and more, from across all your data platforms to serve the right content at the right moment.

Powerful, flexible machine learning

Flexible content based recommendation solution

All content types

Define which content types to pull in or create recommendation streams across various content types, and let the recommender carve the most relevant path for each user.

Data set selection

Choose which data sets should train a recommendation model. Focus on a certain region or use inputs from a specific interface – it’s up to you.

Model correction

Draw insights from and respond to your changing product catalog, content, or user behavior. Coveo lets you know when it’s time to retrain your models.

Recommendation experiments

Want to verify which strategy works best? Preview or A/B test different configurations, then optimize and refine.

Start simple and grow your relevance

All-in-one personalized recommendation system

Recommendations from Day 1

Provide search, content, and product recommendations even when data about an item or individual is sparse.

Rich user profiles

Drive ever-more-relevant recommendations as user profiles are dynamically enriched by actions and affinities.

Scale <em>and</em> precision

Massive content libraries and catalogs with millions of SKUs are no problem with Coveo. Our recommendation system zeros in on the right thing for the right person.


Designed for omni-channel journeys

Add relevant recommendations to any digital experience without changing your tech stack. With prepackaged components or APIs, embed Coveo’s product and content recommendations directly into the apps you already use.

Stay one step ahead with an AI-powered recommender

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