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Tableau Saves $18 Million Per Year with Case Deflection

My principal indicator of success is case deflection. And because of the subtlety of the [Coveo] data, I can actually put a dollar value on the amount of money that we save through not managing cases because self-service took care of it in advance.

Dave Jobling, Senior Program Manager of User Experience
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  • Technology How VIZIO Delivers Enhanced Self-Service with Coveo for Salesforce Watch the story
  • Healthcare athenahealth Builds Service Resilience with KCS and Analytics
  • Technology Medallia Empowers Tier 1 Agents to Handle 34% More Cases on Their Own Read the story


  • Manufacturing Formica Boosts Sales with Deep Personalization Watch the story
  • Caleres Differentiates on Experience with AI-Automated Results Personalization

    Coveo is a very strategic part of [our re-platforming], not just an add-on or just any other vendor. It’s really central to how we’re powering product detail page recommendations, how we’re powering the sort and rank position, and how the filters and facets work.

    Dan Cornwell, Director of Ecommerce & Digital Experience, Caleres
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  • Manufacturing How Acuity Brands Turned Their Website Into a Growth Engine Read the story
  • Manufacturing & Retail Hearts on Fire Reinvents B2B & B2C Experience with AI Watch the session
  • CPG & Retail 28X More Add-to-Cart Conversions at Life Extension Read the story
  • Lee Valley
  • Mondou Inc
  • Rolex
  • Pet Supplies Plus
  • Ecolab



Dell’s Intranet ESAT Score Climbs 37 Points in 12 Months

When we didn’t index everything, the relevance fell off. So, we decided to put it all together. And, what we found was a massive increase in employee satisfaction and a big increase in the quality of search results.

With Coveo we can bridge the gap between expectations and experiences.

Will Hudson, VP IT Marketing
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  • Financial Services Manulife Helps Employees Find Knowledge Faster with AI Read the story
  • Healthcare UW Health Enables Remarkable Patient Care with Search & AI Watch the story
  • Technology Adobe Employees Drive Innovation with AI-Powered Systems Watch the story
  • Comcast
  • Charles Schwab
  • PNC bank
  • PWC
  • Bain & Co
  •  workday


  • Legal Services Fasken Upgrades Web Presence with AI-Powered Search and Recommendations Read the story
  • Consulting Services Better Customer and Employee Engagement with Auto-Tuning Search Read the story
  • Technology Motorola Solutions Makes Every Interaction Count Read the story
  • Sanford Health
  • Wake Forest babtist
  • Smart Technologies
  • Walters Kluwer
  • Humana
  • American Society for Quality

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