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Customer Stories


Service and support

My principal indicator of success is case deflection. And because of the subtlety of the [Coveo] data, I can actually put a dollar value on the amount of money that we save through not managing cases because self-service took care of it in advance.

Dave Jobling

Senior Program Manager


Caleres Differentiates on Experience with AI-Automated Results Personalization

Coveo is a very strategic part of [our re-platforming], not just an add-on or just any other vendor. It’s really central to how we’re powering product detail page recommendations, how we’re powering the sort and rank position, and how the filters and facets work.

Dan Cornwell

Director of Ecommerce & Digital Experience, Caleres


When we didn’t index everything, the relevance fell off. So, we decided to put it all together. And, what we found was a massive increase in employee satisfaction and a big increase in the quality of search results.

With Coveo we can bridge the gap between expectations and experiences.

Will Hudson


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