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Seamless search meets conversion-tuned AI

Meet our powerful and seamless search integration for Adobe Experience Manager. Because your search should drive deep content discovery, faster.

Adobe experience manager integrations by Coveo
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Fewer rules, deeper personalization

Imagine if your website could automatically learn from clicks and queries. Then, instantly personalize search results and site-wide content recommendations.

With Coveo’s conversion-tuned AI, deliver deeper personalization within your Adobe Experience Manager website, so you can drive results while replacing thousands of rules and hours of administration.

Offer up your most powerful content

Offer your most powerful content with Adobe experience manager personalization by Coveo

From any source to your sites and portals

With Coveo, you can securely index and deploy content from a wide range of systems, sites, and social media apps, including AEM-authored content itself.

More content, more opportunities

Remove the barriers that keep your most effective content under wraps. Through intelligent search and recommendations, keep powerful content discoverable, so visitors engage, learn, and convert.

Truly tailored content discovery

Detect intent from queries and clicks with our self-learning AI. Instantly show each person the most relevant content to them, from one visit to the next.

Insights your digital team can act on

Adobe experience manager connector by Coveo

Goodbye digital dead-ends

Identify areas where content is lacking with automatic content gap identification. So you can eliminate searches with no results.

Relevance controls on your terms

Promote content to specific audience groups. Easily adjust search results and recommendations in relation to your campaign calendar or priorities, and optimize changes with integrated A/B testing.

Search & journey analytics

Uncover conversion optimization opportunities with user activity tracking and journey stitching. Give your digital teams the data they need to drive results.  


From site search to SEM strategy

With query and keyword data from your site search, get better insight into what your visitors are looking for. Hone your SEM campaigns to drive more site traffic.

Fully complete your Adobe suite

Adobe experience manager connector by Coveo provides powerful AI search, recommendations and experiences

Powerful plug-in search

Create and customize search components that integrate seamlessly into the look and feel of your Adobe Experience manager site using the Coveo interface editor, UI libraries, and headless toolkit.

Richer results & recommendations

With intent-driven, language-based AI layered into your search suggestions, and product and content recommendations, you can personalize discovery within Adobe Experience Manager segments too.

Integrated experiences

Use our powerful collection of APIs and developer tools to integrate across the Experience Cloud to synchronize your data and surface relevant content at every touchpoint.

Experiences everyone loves

Developers get to build flexible page templates. Digital marketers can tune the relevancy of search results. And finally, customers get an experience that exceeds their expectations.


Build faster with our trusted partners

For faster implementations to broader solution strategies, find a partner to help accelerate your relevance transformation.

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