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Medallia Empowers Tier 1 Agents to Handle 34% More Cases on Their Own

"Implementing Coveo has resulted in big cost savings."
– Kennen Warmack, Director of Support



Medallia is trusted by hundreds of the world’s best-loved brands to help them capture and understand customer feedback, and deliver insights and action to improve their performance. Its mission is to create a world where companies are loved by customers and employees alike, but their vision to empower users on their quest for a great customer experience was once stunted due to an inefficient knowledge strategy that prevented customers and support agents from getting the information they needed. Here’s how they remedied that.

Building a foundation for knowledge to be found and shared

Medallia had knowledge residing everywhere – Jira, Confluence, product documentation within Salesforce Knowledge, and more. Support agents typically had to leave Salesforce to search for answers in each of these individual platforms, which made solving cases a lengthier process.

Search didn’t even exist on Medallia’s self-service website. Customers requiring assistance couldn’t easily access documentation, resulting in costly call center case management.

Furthermore, a massive amount of knowledge was tribal knowledge, which left with an agent if they left the company or got a promotion.

Medallia’s goal to resolve this problem was simple: make relevant knowledge the foundation of their support organization, and remove barriers between that knowledge and the people who need it. With this in mind, the Medallia team embarked on a journey to find a solution that would enable them to:

  • Establish a 24x7 frontline support team that handles all cases
  • Build a single frictionless support experience that delivers relevance to multiple user groups
  • Provide customers the support they need, in a profitable way
  • Use support insights to drive product improvement

Unifying knowledge across platforms and removing friction

To accomplish this, Medallia leveraged Coveo to roll out Knowledge Centered Service (KCS). They chose the Coveo platform for its cloud-first approach, tight Salesforce integration, and wide range of connectors.

“Putting knowledge at the center of that is so vital to creating a scalable support organization. With incredibly fast ramp-up, you can have people being proficient in no time when they have such easy access.”Chris Jones, Application Support Lead

Coveo’s business-friendly admin console, reporting capabilities, and easy to use dashboards made it an appealing solution, but what really made it ideal for Medallia was its immediate business advantage: the ability to index each of Medallia’s sources in a matter of minutes rather than months.

Coveo could help remove the friction and effort in finding relevant knowledge by bringing together multiple sources. Not only knowledge articles, but also product documentation, engineering backlog items, and the hundreds of thousands of previous cases.

“It's just allowed much faster support because it's been a frictionless, seamless portal for knowledge.”Chris Jones

With all that information collected into a unified index, agents didn’t have to waste time leaving Service Cloud to go looking for what they needed. Time saved is money saved. With the extra time that won’t be spent searching for information, support agents will have more time to build relationships with customers and get to the heart of a customer’s issue, in turn leaving the customer with a positive experience.

“We had so many different people ramping up around the world in different locations. It wasn't like everyone was in one office... So our Sydney team members were able to ramp up with all of the knowledge of our San Mateo and London team members because it's [now] all shared.” Chris Jones

Happier customers and more proficient agents

Medallia soon recognized that its contextually relevant information was easily exposed to agents within Service Cloud and the self-service portal – thus accomplishing its goal of improving agent proficiency andthe customer experience. Medallia has been able to put the right information into the right hands, at the right time – empowering Tier 1 agents to handle 34% more cases on their own without escalating to Tier 2 and increasing the customer experience, with an amazing 5-point NPS improvement in one quarter alone.

“When I'm looking at the team's cases, I look at a case and see that within a few minutes of them opening the case, they've been able to find and attach the correct article – seamlessly. It's just there. They haven't had to go and ask 5 different team members.” Chris Jones

Medallia’s KCS rollout with Coveo was seen as a strategically important component of providing scalable and efficient support, and to make it successful, accountability was key. Coveo’s analytics have enabled the support organization to dive deep into KCS in a way that wasn’t previously possible. Through Coveo’s search analytics, it was easy to show agents that the content they created had a real, meaningful impact on their day-to-day lives.

As agents authored more and more new and meaningful articles, they were able to increase their known issue percentage from 35% to 80%. They also saw an increase in click-through rates in the self-service community from 28% to 40%, with fewer cases being created.

Linking KCS to real results was one of the primary drivers for Medallia’s KCS success. It came as no surprise to Medallia that empowering its support agents with the most relevant information to resolve the case at hand, not only increased agent proficiency, but also customer satisfaction.

“The very fact that it will suggest automatically based on the context of the case, previous usage of articles, and that those things in the articles or the content will pop to the very top of the search results – I mean, that's incredibly powerful.” Chris Jones

Medallia will continue to leverage Coveo to remove the barriers that limit knowledge sharing with those who need it, primarily agents who are working to resolve a case and the stakeholders who are submitting cases. The mantra being: more knowledge, better knowledge, aligned with KCS.

Application Support Lead Chris Jones sums it up, “I love seeing team members who come – and especially from other support functions – whose eyes just open when they see the amount of knowledge we’ve captured and the fact that we have those resources captured.”

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