AI-Powered A/B Testing

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Using A/B testing, you can measure and validate your understanding of each customer and the efficacy of your efforts against key business metrics.

AB testing

A/B testing essentials

A/B testing essentials

  • Control and Variation
    Determine the impact of personalizations on your website by randomly allocating visitors into a control and a variant. Or by allocating people into different traffic splits.
  • Test meaningful hypotheses
    Influence and change visitor behaviors by using data and insights to create impactful experiences.
  • Adopt industry-standard practices
    Get the best results in A/B testing by restricting the number of variations within an experience using adequate sample sizes and concentrating on observed trends, not day-to-day fluctuations.
AB test esssential

Boost your conversion rates

Boost your conversion rates

  • Optimize key landing page performance
    Use templates to quickly alter the key messages on select pages to improve performance, without requiring help from the IT team.
  • Make the experience more compelling
    Use Personalized Recommendations, Search and Product Badging f so your customers can quickly find the relevant products they’re likely to buy.
  • CRO, your developers will love

    Optimize your revenue by boosting conversion rates and average order values.

    Build compelling experiences using our command-line interface, native integration with the node package manager, and server-side capabilities for increased efficiency.

Boost conversion

Prove the value of your efforts

Prove the value of your efforts

  • Validate visitor behavior
    Draw on quantitative and qualitative insights to create experiences that influence visitors’ journey across your entire digital presence.
  • Test targeted segments
    Craft experiences to target underperforming customer groups or reach out to specific visitor segments to provide impactful relevance.
  • Understand customer opinions
    Test experiences and use surveys to gather first-hand feedback from your visitors, gaining a deep understanding of their preferences and opinions.
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