Product Badging for Ecommerce

Product badging that delivers more revenue with real-time, adaptive ecommerce AI

Using real-time data and automation, Coveo 1:1 product badging constantly adapts to each shopper. Personalization even for anonymous visitors.

Boost conversion rates with both automatic social proofing and customizable, manual merchandising, too.

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Flexible badging options that can easily drive revenue

Flexible badging options that can easily drive revenue

  • Social proofing
    build trust with your shoppers that leverage social proof psychology.. Conversions (and cart sizes!) will soar.
  • Guidance-based badging
    Badge particular products based on your customer’s response to key questions, guiding them to their must-buy products.
  • Manual badging
    Manual badging Your merchandising team has total control. Upload lists from your product catalog to badge by product type or brand, customizing Coveo to your unique use case.
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Robust Machine Learning with simple drag-and-drop

Robust Machine Learning with simple drag-and-drop

  • Ready to go in minutes, not weeks
    A non-technical team can implement social proof badging magic without wasting time waiting for partner or developer help.
  • Drag-and-drop decisioning logic
    Our badging decisioning drag-and-drop UI makes it very simple for business users to create complex decisioning logic.
  • Huge product catalogs, optimized fast
    Upload lists of products that you want to badge in bulk, like “3-for-2” sale offers or an “Best Seller”.

Insights that help you maximize margins … and your profits

Insights that help you maximize margins … and your profits

  • Understand campaign performance
    Know which campaigns to keep and which are costing you money and opportunity with detailed analytics. Insight reporting for your whole team so everyone can use their skill and expertise to drive enterprise growth.
  • Keep the results rolling in
    Immediately identify opportunities to increase conversions. Up your badging visibility to target ideal shoppers who bring in more revenue.
  • Real-time data Intelligence powered by real-time data
    Coveo AI gets more effective with every interaction. It learns exactly what your shoppers need to see to convert, in any use case.
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Meet and exceed your customers’ expectations

  • 93% expect a digital experience similar to or better than the in-store experience.
  • 52% would be willing to pay more to find what they’re looking for in just a few clicks.
  • 6% only find online shopping experiences as “always” relevant.
  • 60% of Gen Z would pay more to find products quicker.

Maximize your ecommerce profit with AI

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