AI-Powered Cart Abandonment Recovery

Go from friction-filled, abandoned carts to consistent checkout completion

The average cart abandonment rate is a staggering 70%.

What if you could significantly reduce your abandonment rate by sensing when shoppers are about to leave - and use personalized messaging, and timings to change their minds. Find out more about our onsite and email-based abandonment recovery techniques.

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Recovering a lost sale made easy

  • Intent
    Exit intent
    Entice a customer to stay as soon as you detect cart abandonment.
  • layer
    Layer techniques
    Choose the strategy that works: use content, an offer, or social proof.
  • trigger
    Trigger anywhere.
    Trigger your message onsite or via any email provider for maximum effect.

Reduce abandonment with cart recovery

Reduce abandonment with cart recovery

  • Entice them through the checkout process
    Want to guide them through checkout - or have a second chance to recover a lost sale? Our solution can sense a sudden movement towards the exit or leaving the checkout process can be triggers for offers. Pulling in-page and behavioral data, you can personalize the offering for different points of exit and different customer segments.
  • Not all routes are equal
    Use in-page data to personalize the offering for different points of exit.
  • Target the right visitors with the right promotional emails
    You decide how irresistible the deal is: Free shipping for some, discounts for others, only so many left in stock. Tailor the offer for different visitor segments - according to your visitor profiles and business targets.
Reduce abandonmnet

Tackle shopping cart abandonment

Tackle shopping cart abandonment

  • Determine the lost sale
    Understand why shoppers abandon. Use analytics to explore this segment, looking at their preferences, behavior, and history.
  • Prevent all kinds of abandonment
    With Coveo you can do onsite search, page, and form abandonment, as well as cart recovery emails after potential shoppers have left.
    See how Express Gifts took advantage of intelligent abandonment recovery here.
  • Tailored for maximum impact
    Monitor the impact of your cart and fine-tune parameters like filtering conditions; or time between adding to basket and emails.

Reclaim abandoning customers with personalized recovery

Reclaim abandoning customers with personalized recovery

  • Integrate cart abandonment emails with your ESP
    Fully integrated with the leading email service providers, you now have complete control over your email marketing: the email template, adherence to opt-out lists, frequency capping rules, and reporting.
  • Product recommendations in email
    Create upsell or cross-sell opportunities alongside cart abandonment by leveraging other Coveo experiences such as product recommendations.
  • Fully configurable
    You decide which events in your funnel qualify visitors for recovery efforts (for example, basket adds, onsite search, product view, form completion) and how long you want to wait before sending out a recovery email.

Drive more purchases with AI-powered cart abandonment recovery.

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