How North America’s largest heavy-duty truck parts distributor transformed its B2B website experience using AI-powered unified search

Fleetpride’s website is now an essential tool that customers and employees use to order parts.

  • 200% increase in website searches since implementation
  • 400%
    growth in sales

AI-powered search and a unified index turns Fleetpride into a digital-first B2B seller to the trucking industry

Fleetpride, the largest distributor of aftermarket heavy-duty truck and trailer parts in the U.S., had a problem. It’s website was failing to serve its customers, who needed an exact part number to order an item online.
Fleetpride's siloed system of tracking inventory offline and online, meant that customers often had limited visibility into stock availability or price.

Adding to the problem, Fleetpride's website included a sprawling inventory of over one million parts and accessories.

The poor functionality of the online order system meant that customers needed to call Fleetpride's in-house experts - a time-consuming step. Delays in obtaining parts equals downtime for trucking companies. It’s a liability that can cost thousands per day.

Customers needed more than just search; they needed a quick, reliable way to obtain the right parts and reduce downtime.

Luckily Fleetpride – and Coveo – were up to the task. Download the case study to find out how they:

  • Created a unified index of data to display up-to-the minute inventory availability on the website
  • Structured and indexed data to ensure customers received accurate pricing based on their wholesale agreements
  • Implemented a personalized, intuitive website search engine which leveraged machine learning and AI to help users find the parts they needed
  • Deflected phone calls and inquiries to service center staff so they could focus on customers instead of spending time searching for parts.

AI-powered search combined with content unification helped Fleetpride fully execute a great B2B ecommerce experience. Download the case study to learn how.

Transform Your Website Experience with AI-Powered Unified Search

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