Here is why we believe relevance drives greatness

People expect relevant experiences

  • 90%
    of shoppers expect online shopping to be equal to or better than in-store
  • 50%
    of shoppers report they've experienced frequent problems when shopping online
  • 43%
    of consumers would pay more if they could find what they’re looking for in just a few clicks (48% for millennials)
  • 73%
    of customers say they'll abandon a brand after 3 negative experiences
  • 2.5hrs
    time spent per day per employee seeking relevant information
  • 85%
    of employees are not completely confident in the information that they share externally

Rising expectations

Rising expectations

Large tech-enabled companies have been able to deliver remarkable, effortless, relevant experiences that are tailored specifically to the individual and designed for maximum satisfaction.   
These experiences put people first, not products. They’re tailored for persons, not personas. 

It’s data-driven consumer empathy. It’s the ultimate application of customer-centricity at scale.  

We’ve all tasted relevance served by these tech giants. And having tasted it there, now we want it everywhere.  

We expect relevance in all our digital experiences.  

We, the people consuming digital experiences, demand relevance in each interaction, and we reward the companies that provide it, with our time, our money, our productivity, and our loyalty.  

The companies without relevance? We walk away from them. 

Provide more relevant experiences with Coveo's relevance platform

But what is relevance?

But what is relevance?

Relevance is giving the right experience, to the right person, at the right time. In digital experiences of all sorts – search, ecommerce, workplace, and service – relevance is what distinguishes a meaningful and satisfying experience. In business, when experiences are relevant to us individually, we — as customers — engage more, buy more, come back for more, smile more. And when digital experiences are relevant at work, we — as employees — grow faster, deliver better, excel, and enjoy. Relevant experiences win. It’s that simple.
Relevance is the right experience to the right person at the right time. Relevance platform by Coveo

We all want me experiences

Know me

Understand who I am, what I like

Guide me

Provide recommendations based on my unique journey and context

Remember me

Follow my journey and remember me at each touchpoint

Talk specifically to me

Deliver a relevant conversation with me

How do you get relevance?
You need AI

How do you get relevance?
You need AI

For most applications, the closest thing to relevance is rule-based technology; rules like “If this person has bought X product, then recommend Y product.”

That’s not real relevance. And it doesn’t scale.

True relevance built around each person, not a persona, cannot be done with rules. But it can with AI.

AI learns from each interaction to serve more relevance at each subsequent touchpoint.

AI enables a network effect, and a continuous, high-velocity decision cycle fed by millions of micro-moments across the entire crowd.

For digital experiences that win, you need relevance. And for relevance, you need AI.

search relevance optimization through AI

Relevance is the key that unlocks
winning experiences

Let’s recap: In this experience economy, it takes relevance to win. But relevance at scale is only possible with AI.

This is where Coveo comes in.

Coveo is a leader in applied AI.

We democratize AI. We democratize relevance.

Relevance is no longer the exclusive domain of tech giants. We’ve created the Coveo Platform™ to make your digital experiences relevant with applied AI.

You can start small with AI-powered search, and then expand from there into tailored recommendations and 360° personalization. With packaged implementations for ecommerce, websites, service, and workplace, the Coveo Platform™ is designed to deliver improvements in your most important business metrics: revenue growth, customer satisfaction and NPS, conversion rate, cart value, time-to-proficiency for employees, and more.

Relevance is the key that unlocks winning experiences.

Relevance is the advantage that propels today’s most exciting companies.

We are Coveo, the relevance company.

This manifesto reflects our views and opinions. Statistics and figures are taken from the Coveo Relevance Report, an online survey of 1,988 consumers
conducted by Researchscape International and commissioned by us, Coveo.

Ready to win with relevance?

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