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How to improve your ecommerce customer experience with AI

How to improve your ecommerce customer experience with AI

Here’s how you can leverage AI to meet customers' online shopping expectations:

  • Improve the search experience of your ecommerce platform. Provide shoppers with content that makes the most out of their purchase and tailored product recommendations, with AI-driven search.
  • Invest in in-session personalization that uses AI. That way, you can still offer personalized product recommendations for consumers who are shy about sharing their data.
  • Help customers discover new products. It's one thing to find, and another to discover. According to our ecommerce report, Gen Z shoppers are the ones who want to discover new products the most — and AI can help you meet this need.
  • Let shoppers know what products are available at your local store — by indexing your inventory data. Customers tend to do online product research before purchasing; and feel frustrated if they can't see if the product they want is in stock at their local store.
  • Suggest available complementary items at checkout — and boost the average order value (AOV) of your ecommerce platform.

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