Relevance Report 2022: Workplace

Does your workplace pass “The Employee Expectation Test”?

If you’re worried that your workplace might be at risk for your top talent hitting the road, listen up.
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How much do you relate to these statements?

  • Our enterprise has a ton of different tools, platforms, docs, and data sources that employees have to sift through.
  • Employees complain that they can’t find important information, and that our intranet is slightly better than useless.
  • In performance reviews, employees state that they’re on the brink of burnout, even though we’ve provided “wellness” budgets.

If one of these made you even slightly nod your head yes… we’re afraid you didn’t pass.

What’s worse is that many employees don’t even tell their employers what they expect at work. Instead, they’re quietly struggling away until they can find better work elsewhere.

But, there’s good news…

Spend less than 10 minutes reading this exclusive report to find out what your employees really expect

In our proprietary research, we’ve found that you might be paying attention to the wrong employee satisfaction metrics. And, that creating a loyal, efficient workplace is a lot easier than you might think.

Sneak peek: It all starts with search.

Inside these 11 insight-packed pages, you’ll uncover the hidden reasons why employees feel burnt out. You’ll be able to spot “quick win” opportunities for you to start improving your workplace experience today. And, even begin planning your strategy to attract top talent from enterprises who aren’t taking care of their workforce like you are.

Some of the insights in this report include:

  • An unexpected reason why employees aren’t closing more sales. It has nothing to do with your offers, products, or the actual sale itself. (Page 7)
  • The culprit behind 58% of employees wasting tons of time, sometimes even preventing them from starting their work at all.
  • What “app-hopping” is and why it’s making things difficult for employees to do mission-critical work.
  • Which of your departments is wasting more than half of their workday searching for info. (Hint: It’s not customer service, although that might seem like the most obvious answer.)

Here’s how you might be letting your employees down – and forcing them to start looking for work elsewhere

  • 81%
    of employees said they couldn’t find urgently-needed info (to close a sale or serve a client) at least a few times in the past year.
  • 3.6 hours per day
    is the average time employees waste searching for information. This is an increase from 2021, when the average was 2.5 hours.
  • Over 42%
    of employees said “search-related fatigue” is making them feel less confident about the quality of their work

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So, what’s the secret to acing “The Employee Expectation Test”?

A mysterious little thing we like to call “relevance.” And it’s only possible with AI-powered search.

It’s what leading enterprises are prioritizing in 2022. But, in a very specific way.

When powered by AI, relevance is crucial for creating a workplace that your best employees stay loyal to. Not only that, but they’ll be more likely to refer other high-performers to your organization, too.

Download the 2022 Workplace Relevance Report to discover how AI-powered search can put your organization on the road to success -- before everyone else does. And get a jump on the competition who are trying to steal your top talent from you.

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