Micro Scooters deploy personalized experiences to drive lifetime value and loyalty

At a glance

  • 2004 Founded
  • 2 million+ scooters sold
  • Over 250 awards won

Personalization is critical to Micro Scooters’ ecommerce strategy

Through the insights they get from onsite visitor behavior, the ecommerce team curate personalizations that resonate with different customer segments and profiles. The company has used Coveo to launch experiences including visitor pulse, abandonment recovery, custom and visual mode experiences.

We are seeing an enormous shift in the way our customers are engaging and shopping for new products. Coveo has enabled us to curate experiences across the customer lifecycle, gaining the trust of new visitors and building loyalty with returning customers.

Mhairi Wood
Head of Ecommerce

Uncover how your company can build customer trust and loyalty by curating personalized journeys across the customer lifecycle

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