Coveo for Commerce

The AI-powered solution for digital commerce that is driving the next era of personalized and profitable online storefronts.


Deliver Relevant Buying Experiences While Driving Business Growth

Commerce businesses know that buyers today expect personalization, but they often fail to provide relevant experiences across digital touchpoints while remaining profitable. Coveo for Commerce uniquely combines product and content discoverability, an understanding of intent signals to deliver relevance, and automated product management.

Make products and content discoverable

Coveo helps make products and content discoverable by unifying product and content data from wherever they live. Using advanced machine learning and natural language processing technologies, Coveo leverages this data along with shoppers’ behavioral data to deliver relevant search results across web, mobile, chat and beyond.

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Streamline the shopping experience

Managing the complexity of a vast catalog requires moving beyond age-old navigation and a limited understanding of your customers. Coveo’s deep understanding of buyer intent and Dynamic Navigation Experience applies advanced machine learning to the buying experience. Deliver relevant products and dynamically change the order and value of facets based on shopper queries, to help them quickly narrow down results to find the right product faster and increase add-to-cart conversion.

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Streamline the shopping experience

Employ intelligent personalization

A goldmine of valuable insights and analytics give you a clear view of your buyer’s behavior and what they want to buy from you. Increase customer value with relevant product recommendations and, turbocharge conversions across your eCommerce properties.

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