AI-Powered Ecommerce

All the features you need to transform your digital storefront 

From seamless ecommerce search to personalized recommendations, Coveo provides the AI-powered relevance that makes for easy buying.

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Shopper Experiences

Let them convert more and search less

Help shoppers and buyers find what they need faster with machine learning that optimizes product rankings for conversion. Automatically power product listing pages with the most relevant results.

Make the right products easier to discover with predictive and typo-tolerant as-you-type search suggestions as well as visual product previews.

Optimize the browsing experience with dynamic navigation that automatically reorganizes filters and values for relevancy.

Maximize average order value by suggesting relevant add-ons. Recommend products based on previous browsing history and buying behavior, items often purchased together, or complementary to each cart.

Personalize interactions in real time even for first-time shoppers or customers who haven’t yet logged in. Automatically tailor query suggestions, recommendations, and rankings thanks to machine learning that combines user behavior and product vector mappings. 

Leverage a unified index so that a single search surfaces the most relevant results from your product catalogs and rich content such as buying guides, expert advice blogs, or video tutorials.

Seamlessly handle attributes, variants, and store availability of your products at search query time to improve your BOPIS and ROPIS experience. 

Manage complex pricing and product restrictions for each customer. Automatically ensure that search results reflect the right data according to your CRM or ERP data.

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Merchandiser Experience

Manage experiences more easily

Tailor the experience according to your business needs. Add boost and bury rules, create featured results for products or brands, or automatically redirect shoppers for zero result product searches. 

Create and apply rules for audience groups or time-based campaigns. Plan and manage the activation and deactivation of rules, including URL redirects with ease.

Easily configure and visualize A/B tests for new promotions with a sample audience before a full-on launch. Experiment with different rules and adjust audience proportions to evaluate and compare impact.

Get insights into interactions across the buyer journey. Identify top-performing queries, categories, and recommended products. Measure the impact of search on AOV and conversion. So, you can optimize for business outcomes.

IT Optimization

Connect easily, extend seamlessly

Simplify the management of catalog onboarding for search with a set of automatic optimization tools. Avoid complex rule sets with nesting and joins.

Integrate quickly and simply into the power of the Coveo stack with headless controllers for search or product recommendations. Reduce development time while maintaining flexibility and control of your UI.

Connect securely to structured or unstructured content sources with out-of-the-box maintained connectors and PUSH API technology. Get fast time to value and reduce the maintenance burden.

Scale to meet demand during peaks and adhere to data residency requirements across the globe. Profit from continual innovation seamlessly deployed with a multi-tenant cloud architecture.

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