AI-Powered Ecommerce

All the features you need for friction-free shopping

From seamless search to personalized recommendations, Coveo provides the AI-powered relevance that makes for easy buying.

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Coveo enterprise ecommerce software
AI-powered search

Help shoppers and buyers find what they need faster with machine learning and an optimized search index. Seamlessly handle attributes, variants, and availability of your products at query time.

Intelligent query suggestions

Make the right products easier to discover with predictive and typo-tolerant as-you-type suggestions and result previews for better accuracy.

Dynamic navigation

Optimize the browsing experience by automatically reorganizing the filters for a given search term and boosting relevant categories.

Product recommendations

Maximize average order value by suggesting relevant add-ons. Recommend products based on previous browsing history and buying behavior, items often purchased together, or complementary to each cart.

Search & journey analytics

Get insight into your buyer journeys by automatically tracking each interaction – including filter selection and page views. Identify trends, measure the impact of search on AOV and conversion, and use that data to optimize the experience.


Tailor the experience according to your business needs. Add boost and bury rules, feature products or brands, and showcase campaign-related items. You can even A/B test to see which configuration provides the best results.

Personalization as you go

Personalize interactions even for first-time shoppers or customers who haven’t yet logged in. Let user behavior, product mappings, and machine learning tailor both navigation and results.

Unified index

With a single search, surface the most relevant results from your product catalogs, buying guides, expert advice blog, video tutorials, or support content.

Entitlement management

Manage complex pricing and product restrictions for each customer. Automatically ensure that search results reflect the right CRM or ERP entitlements.

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