AI-Powered Ecommerce

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Deliver intuitive search, relevant recommendations, and behavior-based personalization with AI on tap for every part of the shopper journey.

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Customers don’t buy what they can’t find. But what if AI did the heavy lifting, automatically tailoring product discovery as shoppers explored your digital catalog?

Millions of SKUs and bad product information can make ecommerce search clunky. With Coveo’s relevance platform, show each shopper what they want – plus a little extra – to keep them coming back for more. All it takes to level up your shopping experiences is intelligent search and recommendations.

Coveo is a very strategic part of [our re-platforming], not just an add-on or just any other vendor. It’s really central to how we’re powering product detail page recommendations, how we’re powering the sort and rank position, and how the filters and facets work.

Dan Cornwell
Director of Ecommerce & Digital Experience

Coveo works with just about everything

You don’t need to overhaul your tech stack to connect customer data and benefit from AI. The Coveo relevance platform works with the tools you already use. Plus, we partner with the best.

  • Coveo Platform Our search and experience platform integrates with all kinds of ecommerce software. Simply choose which products to index and let AI tailor the ecommerce experience. Learn more
  • Coveo for Sitecore Coveo's ready-to-use integration quickly injects AI-powered ecommerce search, recommendations, and personalization into your Sitecore store. Learn more
  • Coveo for Salesforce B2B Commerce Deliver seamless experiences across every touchpoint by using Coveo's pre-built integrations across Salesforce Commerce, Service, and Community Clouds. Learn more
  • Coveo for AppDirect Already using AppDirect? Coveo plugs right in, powering intelligent search and recommendations inside your marketplace platform. Learn more

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