Never miss out on a conversion opportunity

Deliver effortless buying experiences that turn visitors into repeat customers and turbocharge profitability, at scale.

It’s time to close the gap between what your buyers expect and what your business can deliver.

The needs of each of your customers are unique and rapidly evolving. 6 in 10 shoppers expect personalization as a standard-of-service - yet only 3 percent of brands report that they have full omnichannel personalization.

With an infinite combination of products, content, and unique offers, segmentation and rule-based software won’t meet your needs.

Cater to individual and evolving buyer needs every time they visit your site.

You can use the playbook from the world’s leading eCommerce brands: AI. Create effortless buying experiences for first-time visitors considering your products, repeat customers who know what they want, and loyal customers considering an upgrade or in need of support. In every interaction, it’s now possible to deliver relevant search results, product recommendations, and content based on their individual commerce journey.

Go beyond increasing conversions and start increasing profit.

Use every datapoint you have to deliver the most relevant and profitable experience in every interaction.

When you balance all of your data, you can deliver the right promotions and offers while maximizing your business growth and margins.

KCS Benefits

Coveo fits right into our digital transformation vision: unified, digitized and personalized customer experience to enable effortless self-service. We are thrilled to partner with Coveo to bring the right information to the right person at the right time. Our journey has just begun, and we are excited there is so much potential ahead of us.

Jon Rossman, Digital Experience Manager, Motorola Solutions
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Power your commerce experience with Coveo

Coveo’s AI-powered solution for commerce is the engine driving the next era of personalized online storefronts, helping you deliver exceptional website experiences while decreasing cost and achieving your business objectives.

Build stronger relationships and trust, continuously learning in order to deliver more relevant experiences that lead to not only conversions, but loyal customers. The result? Higher profits thanks to increased conversions, lower cost to serve, and customers who will buy from you again and again.

Let's get started

The search for a platform was really a search for a new philosophy for how to move forward. We were looking at things that empowered eCommerce teams to run their websites - to be the closest ones to the customers…

Dan Cornwell
Director, eCommerce & Digital Experience, Caleres

World-class eCommerce stores need world-class technology partners. We’re the proven industry leader.

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