Ecommerce Search & Merchandising Platform Powered by AI

Enterprise Search, Recommendations, & Personalization for Ecommerce Stores, Powered by AI

From seamless ecommerce search to personalized recommendations, Coveo provides the AI-powered relevance that makes for easy buying.

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Help them convert more and search less

Help shoppers and buyers find what they need faster with machine learning that optimizes product discovery for conversion and profits. Automatically power product listing pages with the most relevant results without spending hours of manual tuning.

Leverage a unified index so that a single search surfaces the most relevant results from your product catalogs and rich content - such as buying guides, expert advice blogs, or video tutorials.

Make the right products easier to discover with typo-tolerant as-you-type search suggestions and visual search previews.

Optimize the browsing experience from desktop to mobile - with dynamic navigation machine learning algorithms that automatically reorganizes filters and values so the most popular facets are positioned first .

Seamlessly handle attributes, variants, and store availability right on the search results page so shoppers spend less time clicking and more time adding to cart.

Manage complex pricing and product restrictions for each B2B customer. Automatically ensure that search results reflect the right products and pricing according to your CRM or ERP data.

Product & Content Recommendations

Inspire them to add more to each cart

Choose from a complete library of machine learning based recommendation strategies that feed off successful outcomes - from locally trending products to recently viewed or frequently bought together. Drive more revenue with targeted relevant recommendations based on shopper context, shopper profile, product attributes or a combination.

Delivering what is truly relevant to each shopper in the moment with recommendations that react in real-time to a shopper’s behavior is now possible with Coveo deep learning and AI. Coveo maps your product catalog and then learns from every click, tap, and swipe, so that each shopper is presented with recommendations that are personalized according to their current intent.

Engage each customer with the power of your brand, and increase the likelihood of add-on purchase. Inject recommended content throughout the purchase journey seamlessly with Coveo’s flexible index and set of connectors. Serve up DIY advice for their current home reno project right alongside the products they need to accomplish it, or showcase fashion editorials with the newest trends that they cannot go without as they are searching for a new outfit.


Create relationships with customers in real-time

Personalize your site’s search behavior even for first-time shoppers or customers who haven’t yet logged in. Coveo’s machine learning algorithms capture intent after just a few clicks resulting in search suggestions and product rankings that are truly relevant and adapt to each shopper’s interactions.

Inject the most relevant content, products, and offers tailored for each audience and deploy them in a few clicks. Coveo provides you with web placements that are IT friendly, not IT reliant so that you can orchestrate content with ease. Choose your content, select the prioritization with drag and drop visuals, and with Coveo’s dynamic decisioning in real time the problem of ‘who should see what’ is solved.

Create custom journeys that showcase relevant products based on customer preferences and needs. Coveo’s structured real-time data lays the foundation for understanding the customer and our survey tools allow you to collect customer insights directly in session. The result is shoppers see the best products dynamically badged or highlighted just for them as they explore your catalog.

Tap into the power of your collected commerce data to serve up replenishment prompts, complimentary product offers, or deploy other strategies that are uniquely individualized to each shopper. Coveo’s derived data sets functionality can be used to query any data point to automatically deliver a true and differentiated 1:1 experience to your shoppers.


Tailor your brand experiences more easily

Add boost and bury rules, create featured product results, or automatically redirect shoppers for listing page promotions. Coveo’s powerful AI search platform ensures the most relevant results and our merchandising hub lets you easily configure it with rules that make sense for the business.

Plan and manage the activation or deactivation of rules for audience groups or time-based campaigns with ease. Coveo’s merchandising hub lets you target customers based on any data point, control visibility, schedule, preview and launch campaigns within a few clicks so that you can get any campaign live quickly.

Help customers on their purchase journey using the brilliant basics of scarcity, urgency, and social proof badging, and boost your conversion rates. With Coveo, merchandisers can implement badging in the matter of minutes without technical help. Our drag and drop UI makes it very simple to apply badging and create complex decisioning logic, then our insight reporting provides direct feedback on how the efforts have paid off.

With a best-in-class Bayesian statistics engine, Coveo helps you understand when an A/B or multivariate test is having an effect. You’ll be able to accurately assess the impact on revenue per visit. Easily configure A/B tests for new promotions with a sample audience before a full-on launch or experiment with different rules and adjust audience proportions to evaluate and compare impact.

Get insights into visitor interactions across the complete site journey. Coveo has extensive event data and analytics tracking with configurable reporting dashboards so that you can identify top-performing queries, categories, and recommended products. Coveo uniquely supports multi-touch attribution models so that you can accurately measure attribution between search and product recommendations to optimize for revenue.

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