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Deliver seamless service experiences at every point-of-experience. Remove friction, reduce effort & decrease cost-to-serve – while increasing CSAT.

Native Platform and Headless Integrations

Coveo layers into your service tech stack seamlessly

No need for an overhaul. With our composable platform, you can quickly build a high-performing search and generative experience in your top service platforms and applications – without disruption. You’ll keep a consistent and scalable customer service experience that lowers costs and drives higher CSAT.

18 years of innovation. A decade in AI. +700 leading brands.
Coveo AI powers the digital experiences of the world’s most innovative enterprises:

Frequently asked questions

What content sources does Coveo connect to?

Coveo offers 45+ connectors that connect to 100+ systems. Coveo supports additional connectivity through standards-based connectors. This includes support for Catalog, Database, Web, Sitemap, and REST API. You can also build a custom connector to crawl and index content. The Coveo Push API and SDK provides packaged code and  documentation for your development teams, while partners can also provide integration services.

Coveo offers a robust Salesforce integration that makes it easy to customize and deploy relevant search experiences across Salesforce clouds. Salesforce is both a partner and a customer of Coveo, deploying Coveo across multiple touchpoints in their Service experience.

The best platform for creating a consistent digital experience across your channels and touchpoints. Our search relevance foundation provides superior search quality and generative accuracy; our powerful AI suite is core to the platform, not an add-on; as a full-stack platform we are easier to configure and deploy across sites than other search platforms; our closed-loop analytics make it possible to analyze and automatically optimize every experience.

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