AI- Powered Customer Service: self-service, agent-assisted service

Coveo AI lifts CSAT as customers & ​agents find what ​they need

Connect customers to the answers they want – across silos – with intelligent search and discovery. Automatically collect insights along the way.

Service & Support

Use Cases Deliver service experiences customers love

  • Advanced ai-powered customer service portal

    Keep questions from turning into cases by serving up answers customers love. Automatically tailor content to each individual, giving them relevant information all along the way.

  • Quick resolution call center support with Zendesk knowledge base API by Coveo

    Empower your agents with full line of sight into a customer's journey and immediate access to the most relevant answers with resolution-driven AI-powered discovery. That way, they can solve known issues quickly and easily.

  • Dynamic AI-powered customer services

    Provide your customers with engaging content, so they know where to go when something comes up and enjoy coming back. Plus, get insights into how specific groups discover and use content, and see if content gaps exist.

  • self-service portal that lets users request help with ease

    Give customers the help they need inside your app or SaaS product, so they can get things done without ever leaving. Use personalized content recommendations to help them self-serve. Plus, give them the option to request help right then and there, if they need it.

  • Serve up better recommendations with AI customer service chats

    Make your chatbot more dependable by feeding it intel from a customer’s previous interactions on other channels. Serve up better recommendations and avoid dead-ends, all without programming thousands of rules.

Advanced ai-powered customer service portal
Quick resolution call center support with Zendesk knowledge base API by Coveo
Dynamic AI-powered customer services
self-service portal that lets users request help with ease
Serve up better recommendations with AI customer service chats

Top Features

How you can deliver next-level service

  • Recommender

    Streamlined case submission

    Add AI-powered recommendations to simplify the customer workflow by automatically suggesting the appropriate dropdown values and classifications, as well as case deflecting content recommendations.

  • Rocket

    Instant case insights

    Provide AI-powered recommendations based on case data to guide agents towards the most helpful content even before searching.

  • Behavioural Analytics

    Omnichannel analytics

    Get the big picture of your service journeys by bringing together search and interaction data from any channel, and connecting Google Analytics to your Coveo data.


Coveo works with just about everything

You don’t need to overhaul your tech stack to connect customer data and benefit from AI-powered customer service. The Coveo Relevance CloudTM works with the tools you already use. Plus, we partner with the best.

Frequently asked questions

Within the customer service space, we like to think of AI as a means to empower and enhance human intelligence. An AI-powered customer service solution is built to help customer service employees find answers and resolve cases with greater ease. It can help customers find answers on their own, too, with personalized self-service search experiences. See how applied AI can transform customer service.

The right AI-powered customer service solution can reduce frustration and burnout, cut service costs, and improve customer satisfaction/lifetime value. How? By creating personalized and adaptive search experiences for both customers and agents. By equipping agents with insights, data, and suggestions that are tailored to each case. And by helping service teams gauge case deflection, address content gaps, and measure the financial impact of the platform. Learn more about how AI is used in customer service.

Think about how good it feels as a customer when the businesses you patronize treat you like they know you. When they remember your details, know your history, and provide personalized service based on this information. This is what customers expect and it’s how many evaluate companies and brands. That makes personalized service and, more broadly, customer experience, a competitive differentiator. Read the case for more personalized customer service experiences.

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Coveo & KCS

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