Contact Centers

Improve CSAT and first-call resolution, and make your agents more proficient by putting the most relevant, case-specific information at their fingertips as they engage with customers.

Recommend the most relevant content the moment it's needed

Coveo AI-powered search securely unifies and ranks content across your organization, to recommend the information most likely to resolve a case.
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Increase the proficiency of your agents

As more relevant knowledge is automatically presented to your agents, they become more proficient in solving complex issues without escalation. More challenging work keeps agents motivated to perform at the highest levels in your support organization.

Reduce attrition and improve employee loyalty

As a KCS-aligned product, Coveo helps insure agents maintain ownership of their cases without handing off cases to tiered support. This methodology lowers agent turnover and instills staff loyalty ultimately providing your brand with trusted ambassadors on the support front lines.

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