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Delight your customers and give your agents superpowers. Learn how Coveo connects the customer journey from beginning to end by taking a tour.

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Provide great experiences, wherever they happen

Online, in-app, or calling in? No matter the channel, good service picks up where you left off, weaving together the full customer journey. That’s our specialty.

Self-service customers love

Keep questions from turning into cases by serving up answers when and where your customers need them. Automatically tailor content to each individual, keeping them delighted along the way.
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Quick resolution contact centers

Empower your agents with full line of sight into a customer's journey and immediate access to the most relevant knowledge, without ever leaving their workspace.
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Dynamic customer communities

Provide your customers with engaging content, so they love coming back and know where to go when something comes up. Easily identify content gaps and get insights into how specific groups are discovering and using your content.
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Personalized in-product support

Give customers the help they need inside your app or SaaS product, so they can get things done without ever leaving. Use personalized content recommendations to help them self-serve. Plus, give them the option to request help right then and there, if they need it.
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Smarter chatbots

Make your chatbot more dependable by feeding it intel from a customer’s previous interactions. Serve up better recommendations and enhance your self-service potential by smoothly transitioning requests to the right channel.
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Coveo is a piece of technology you put in place that learns all the things about you. So the next time you need help, it’s right there pointing you in the right direction.

Airdre Knox
GM Customer Systems, Xero

Our platform works with the tools you already use

Our capabilities layer onto all kinds of software, so you don’t need to overhaul your tech stack to connect customer data and benefit from our AI. Plus, we partner with the best.


While you handle customer relationships, Coveo helps you make sense of their journey faster. Connect all the dots – and the data – at (almost) lightning speed.


You’ve improved your workflows, but what if you could make them smarter? With every interaction, Coveo learns which information you need, so you can work faster and better.

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Empower your agents and satisfy your customers

  • Overview Video

    Coveo Machine Learning Explained

    Coveo machine-learning is the self-learning technology in the Coveo platform that makes Intelligent Search even smarter. It continuously analyzes your visitors’ click stream data and behaviour patterns captured by search usage analytics, then accurately delivers relevant content that is most likely to drive conversions and ensure self-service success. Watch our video to learn more.

  • On Demand Webinar

    Scale Your Support Organization Using AI: A RingCentral Case Study

    In this customer success-oriented session, learn how RingCentral is leveraging AI to deliver consistent and personalized customer experiences at scale.


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