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Use AI-powered search and recommendations to create the effortless support experiences your customers demand.

We know that when problems arise, customers expect fast answers and quick resolutions. So why isn't every service experience effortless?

Companies continuously add new support channels (like communities and chatbots) to improve responsiveness and make it easier for customers. But all too often, these new channels only create more disconnected silos. With the customer journey broken up, your customers can’t effectively self-serve and your CSAT suffers.

This problem is only getting worse. 80 percent of companies think they do a good job of providing customer support - but only 8 percent of their customers agree. When 3 out of 4 customers are willing to switch brands for a better digital experience, it’s time to go beyond irrelevant experiences that bring no value to the bottom line.

How do the best customer service organizations solve these challenges? Data and AI.

Let data drive the customer journey. Get a handle on your multiplying channels by unifying the data across the customer journey. When the systems from all of your touchpoints are connected through one index, understanding what your customers need in every moment of interaction becomes easier than ever before.

Create the modern service experiences customers expect.

Don’t guess what your customers need from your support organization; use real-time data to know and AI to deliver. Applying AI takes your customer understanding a step further. Only Coveo is able to balance the data from all of your systems to deliver the most relevant interaction and content right when your customer or agent needs it. Need to promote a new product or announcement? Don’t worry - you can have control over that too, thanks to manual boosting.
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16 to 18 million dollars a year saved just by surfacing relevant content through Coveo, to our customers. It’s as simple as that.

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Effortless self-service. Proficient agents. Engaging customer communities. Conversational service. Contextual in-app help. We’ve done it all - and we’re ready to help you too. Your new customer journey is waiting.

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