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eBookSelf-Service: Maximize Business Results by
Helping Customers Help Themselves

Companies with self-service programs retain 40% more of their clientele year-over-year. But getting self-service right is tricky. Use self-service for the right issues, and you’ll have happy customers. Use it for complex issues, and you’ll have unhappy clients.

Companies with Best-in-Class self-service programs see results such as a 16.2% annual increase in customer satisfaction rates and 5.8% annual improvement in agent utilization rates while these metrics worsen for others.

Read this report to:

  • Discover the impact a successful self-service program has on your performance metrics
  • Learn the four reasons you need the right strategy
  • Identify the key ingredients of Best-in-Class self-service programs

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Self-Service: Maximize Business Results by Helping Customers Help Themselves

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